Friday, March 20, 2009

Maniac Cop(1988)

Imagine if you called the cops only to find that they were more dangerous than the criminals? Welcome to Maniac Cop. He is a cop on the streets of New York City and he is dangerous to the extreme. This movie was directed by William Lustig who also directed Maniac(1980) and the two sequels to this movie.

The streets of New York City are crawling with criminals and bad guys. The police are there to clean up the streets-or are they? There is one cop who is not trying to protect and serve. He is killing innocent people for no apparent reason. People are very scared and they do not know who to trust. The cops are being hurt because of the hysteria that has swept the city. Civillians are taking the law into their own hands and shooting the police sent to protect them. One of the officers, Jack Forrest(Bruce Campbell) is cheating on his wife and when she turns up dead, he is the suspect for the murders.
His wife had a scrapbook of news cuttings about the maniac cop and this reinforces the idea that Jack is the Maniac Cop.

Jack gets help from his mistress and fellow cop,
Theresa (Laurene Landon). She believes that he is not the murderer as she was with him when the crime was comitted, but Jack still remains the prime suspect. Another cop,Frank MacCrae doesn't believe that Jack is guilty and he finds out about a cop called Matt Cordell(Robert Z’Dar) who was a 'supercop' who got too close to exposing some very powerful criminals and he was framed and sent to prison where the prisoners murdered him in the showers. He thinks that Matt has somehow survived and come back to take revenge on everyone....
But, it is very hard to prove to the Comissioner and the others that this dead man has come back to life and is murdering people all over the city. Jack has to escape from the cops and try and prove his innocence while stopping the Maniac Cop in the process. That is not going to be easy and the Maniac Cop is clever and he will not let anyone stop his ramage through the city.. I liked this movie and it is very good for a b-movie. It is also an 80's classic. I will give it an 8/10.


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