Monday, March 30, 2009

The Office, Season 5, Episode 19 Recap.

This week's office was a good one! Last week, Michael quit as his new boss is a stickler for playing by the rules and Michael is not! He told David that he was finished at Dunder Mifflin! Could this be the end of the Office? Let's hope that it isn't...

This week, Michael returns to the office to tell them all what happened in New York with David(Watch the clip above). As usual, he takes a long time to come to the point and he tells them that he is quitting. They all act as if he should have yelled at his boss and told him what he really thought of him. They also keep asking him what he is going to do now. Michael is beginning to realise that maybe he should have had a plan before leaving!!!
He begins to let loose at the office and begins drinking!!! His immediate boss, Charles, is still at the office and he is interviewing people for Michael's job while he is still there!

Michael speaks to the interviewee and he tells Michael that it is tough trying to get a job in these harsh times. Michael is beginning to look very worried now! He sets about trying to set up his own paper company with hilarious results...... Let's hope that he changes his mind and that he is reinstated as soon as possible. It wouldn't be the same without Michael Scott!!!!!


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