Sunday, March 8, 2009

Prom Night (1980)

This movie is one of those classic slashers that you can watch any time and be entertained. This movie stars Jamie Lee Curtis in one of her many roles as a victim and it is directed by Paul Lynch who hasn't really made many films. There are three sequels which I have seen and they are not anywhere near as good as this but they are watchable nonetheless. This movie is not to be confused with the terrible, awful, unbelievably bad remake made last year!

In 1974, four kids are messing around in an old school- Wendy, Kelly, Nick and Jude are their names. They bully a young girl called Robin and they cause her to fall to her death from a window.They decide to tell no one what happened and they assume that they got away with it. Little do they know that someone did them and knows what they did. It's six years later and Robin's family are mourning her death. Her brother Alex and her sister Kim are preparing for prom which is held that night. Jude, Wendy and Kelly get obscene phone calls the same day and they wonder who is calling them. Of course, it is the person who saw what they did that night. We can see where this is going! The gals are at school and they are getting dates for that night's prom. Kim and Kelly are changing after gym class when they notice a shattered mirror in the locker room. These strange happenings are going to build up to something and you just know that there is going to be some killing tonight!

A cop, Lt. Mc.Bride is investigating the escape of a maniac from a mental home. He escaped through the window. Has this something to do with the weird things that are happening? Wait and see! The prom gets underway with the usual dancing and drinking and sex etc etc. Little do these teens know that someone is going to make this a night they will never forget. Kelly gets her throat slit. That is the first one gone. Jude is next after she has sex with 'Slick'.(In horror movies, sex always equals death!) Slick fights the killer in his van and they take a nasty turn off a cliff and the van explodes. Wendy is next and she is killed with an axe. That is three of the kids down now.

The cop is told that the maniac he is searching for has been caught. So who is doing the killing??? Kim and Nick are going to be crowned Prom King and Queen. Some guy wants to play a trick on him so he ties Nick up and assumes the role of Prom king. Unfortunately for this poor guy, the killer mistakes him for Nick and he chops his head off! His head goes rolling onto the dance floor and that kinda ruins the mood! All of the kids start to panic and try to get out before they are next! Kim finds Nick and unties him. She is tackled by the killer and she hits him. The moment of truth arrives when we discover that the killer has been Alex, Robin's brother. He witnessed what happened to Robin and he vowed revenge. Unfortunately, he has been mortally wounded by Kim and he dies in her arms....

Great 80's horror slasher. One to watch over and over when you are feeling nostalgic! I am going to give this an 8/10...


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