Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This movie is a lesser-known horror based on the unpublished novel by Stephen King. It is directed by Mick Garris who also directed The Stand, Riding the Bullet and Desperation. It stars Brian Krause, Madchen Amick and Alice Krige.

Charles Brady(Krause) and his mother Mary(Krige) move to a small town in Indiana. They are very close and there is something strange about them. Charles attends the high school and there he meets Tanya(Amick). He seems to like her a lot and they chat about art etc. They become friends and Tanya likes him too. Mary is not too happy with this development and it seems as though this is going to come between the mother and son. They seem a bit too close for a mother and son and there seems to be something strange going on between them.The two teens go on a date and they begin to kiss.Charles is not a normal teenager and he tries to suck the life out of Tanya. Tanya retaliates and hits him on the head with a camera, scratching his face and stabbing him in the eye.

What people don't know is that Charles and Mary are Sleepwalkers- shape shifting energy vampires who thrive on sucking the life out of others, mainly virgin girls. They can only be destroyed by cats who can see past their human facade and they can be killed by a scratch from a kitty cat! Meanwhile, Charles gets busted by a cop, but he manages to kill him. He goes back to Tanya leaving her hysterical. Unfortunately for Charles, the cop has a cat in his car with him and it attacks him and mortally wounds him. He manages to get back to his mother and she uses her powers to make them invisible when the cops come to bust them at their house. Mary tries to help her son, but he is too far gone.

She is furious at Tanya and she kills some cops and she injures Tanya's parents. She kidnaps the poor girl and takes her back to the house for Charles. He tries to drain Tanya's life, but she pokes his eyes out and kills him for good. Tanya manages to escape and then all of the local cats in the area are gathering outside Mary's house. She is trapped by them and there is nothing that she can do. They manage to jump on Mary and they kill her. Tanya watches this from nearby and she sees Mary die in flames on her front driveway. She clings to one of the cats who saved her life.

This is not a bad movie. There are some good scenes. The one scene at the end with all of the cats is very good. It is an interesting movie and though not a classic, it is entertaining. I am going to give it a 7/10.


dragonmanes said...

I love Sleepwalkers, like you said it really isnt a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it is entertaining and a nice change of pace for a vampire / lycanthrope crossbreed.

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