Friday, April 10, 2009

Best Comedy Show of the 1980's?

Can you remember when you were younger, watching t.v. and seeing all of these great comedy shows which are no longer around? Can you remember your favourite characters and how much you would look forward to seeing them every week? Well, I can and I have a few favourites myself. I am asking you to let me know which 80's comedy shows are your favourites. Have you great memories of any particular shows?

I am going to list some of the best ones, but let me know which ones you like and why they stand the test of time.... This list is in no order and I am sure to have left some out so tell me if I have!!!

Cosby Show(1984-1992)

Family Ties(1982-1989)
Golden Girls(1985-1992)

Head of the Class(1986-1991)

Kate and Allie (1984-1989)
Major Dad (1989-1993)

Married With Children(1987-1997)
Murphy Brown (1988-1998)

Perfect Strangers(1986-1993)
Saved By the Bell(1989-1992)
Who's the Boss(1984-1992)
ALF(1986-1990) .

That's all I can think of at the moment so please give me your comments on these great shows!


Mystery Man said...

A different World, Blossom, Family Matters, Growing Pains, Night Court.

those a re a few...added to the ones you've listedh ere, that i loved.

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