Thursday, April 9, 2009


This movie is not well-known but it is quite entertaining. It is directed by Eric Weston and it stars Clint Howard and Don Stark. It deals with black mass and satanism and it was on the video nasties list for while. Thankfully, it has been restored and is available to all horror fans.Father Esteban is an evil priest who has turned to Satanism and who is cast out by the Church. He vows to get revenge and he has a legion of followers. Years later, we meet nerdy Stanley Coopersmith(Howard),who is at a military academy and who is being bullied by a gang of creeps led by Bubba(Stark). They make his life a misery and he only has one friend who tries to help him.He is assigned to work in the cellar of the academy and he meets the drunk caretaker, Sarge(R.G. Armstrong) and he has to work with him. He discovers a secret room filled with Satanic artifacts.He finds a book which contains some sort of Latin and with the help of his (old) computer, he deciphers it. It is about Esteban and his Satanic beliefs.He forgets his book and leaves it in the secretary's office. She begins to read it and tries to take off the seal on the front of it, but she fails. She takes it and pretends that she hasn't seen in when he asks her. Coopersmith is plagued by the bullies again and he wants to play football, but the rest of the team want him off. The coach tells them that they will have to arrange something to get him off the team. He realises his book is gone and tries in vain to find it. He brings his computer down to cellar and he continues on with his Satanic studies. He asks Satan to give him help in fighting the bullies but the computer tells him that he needs blood. Esteban is inside the computer(I know! Silly!) and he is telling Stanley how to set him free again.Stanley gets a puppy from the cook and he hides it in the cellar. Unfortunately, Sarge finds it and threatens to kill it so he is killed by Esteban(through the computer!!!!) Stanley discovers Esteban's tomb. The secretary brings the evil book home and she is attacked and devoured by pigs(PIGS????). The book magically disappears....The bullies find Stanley's dog in the cellar and they kill it(bad taste). This sends Stanley into a frenzy and he begins to conjure up Esteban. He finally succeeds and this is when the movie really picks up. It is just great fun when Stanley is possessed by this evil Esteban and goes floating around with a sword, chopping off heads and sending his Satanic pigs after the bullies!!!! It is funny and you really don't feel any pity for the bullies as they are dispatched in hilarious fashion!! The film ends with Stanley being put into an asylum... Good movie, laughable in parts, but never stupid. The killer pigs were a bit weird and the Satanic computer was a bit silly, but overall, very entertaining and humorous. I am giving this a 7/10.


dragonmanes said...

I had high hopes for Evilspeak, but I didnt enjoy it quite as much as you did. Howard came off as too over the top for me, and the film dragged way too long up until the finish. The final scene was friggin awesome though, that cant be disputed, almost made up for the rest of the film! I have only seen it once though, so I plan to go back to it to see if I was wrong about the film initially. Thanks for the review!

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