Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me(1981)

This movie is a real 1980's classic horror movie. There are bizarre death scenes and lots of suspects and it is very entertaining too! It is directed by J. Lee Thompson and it stars Melissa Sue Anderson and Glenn Ford.
The movie begins with a young woman, Bernadette O' Hara heading out for a night out with friends. She is attending Crawford Academy and she is one of the 'top ten' most popular students in the school. She is meant to meet her friends at The Silent Woman, a pub where they meet all of the time. She is followed and chased by a killer who eventually slits her throat. The clue is that she seems to know her killer. The gang are at the pub and they wonder where she is. They are all rich kids and they are all obnoxious except for Ginny(Anderson). Bernadette is missed, but they think that she is playing some sort of trick on them so they don't worry. They play a game with their cars on the way home and Ginny freaks out as they try to cross the bridge as it is going up. She runs off after she jumps out of the car. Someone follows her home, sneaks into her bedroom and steals her underwear. The next day, we find that Ginny has had brain surgery after an accident and that is why she was so upset about the bridge incident. Her mother was killed in the accident and she survived. The killings continue with one guy getting stragled by his scarf as it gets stuck in his motorbike. Another popular guy is crushed by his weights! The geek, Alfred, is stabbed- by Ginny! You begin to wonder what is happening now. Is she really killing people? She is left on her own when her dad goes away on business and she invites another of the popular bunch around to her place where he is murdered by a kebab! You just have to see that one! We are treated to a flashback of Ginny's mother and the accident and we find out that she tried to cross the bridge whenit was closed, but the car pluged into the river, killing her, but Ginny swam to safety as her mother drowned. Ginny's doctor, finds her in a state and he tries to tell her that is imagining everything and that she hasn't killed anyone, but he gets a shock when she stabs him with a poker and kills him!Her dad arrives home to find the place splattered with blood and Ginny gone. He tries to find her and he discovers the body of the doctor near a cottage where Ginny has gone. He enters the cottage and he finds the bodies of all Ginny's friends. They are all seated around a table and Ginny comes out with a cake for her birthday. She has dug up her mother's body and she is seated at the table also. Daddy is killed and then Ginny goes over to one of the bodies and we see that this girl isn't dead. It is Ginny! Are they twins? No, it is Ginny's best friend, Ann who has been killing everyone. Ann's dad had an affair with Ginny's mom and Ginny is really his daughter. So, Ann and Ginny are sisters and Ann isn't happy about it!!! She tries to kill Ginny, but stabs herslef in the process. Some detective witnesses this and the thinks that Ginny is the killer and she just stands there and sings 'Happy Birthday to Me'..... This was a good movie, with some great scenes. I would recommend it to any horror movie fan. It's great fun! I am giving it an 8/10.


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