Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hell's Kitchen, Season 5, Episode 10 Recap

Last week in Hell's Kitchen we saw Carol being given her marching orders much to the delight of ultra- b***h Andrea. Ben was up for elimination yet again and how he manages to stay in Hell's Kitchen is beyond me. All he ever does is yap yap yap!!!!!

This week began with the teams united as one. There are just six left, so the competition is really fierce now. The cooks had to come up with a chicken dish. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! There were mishaps with everyone and Ben ended up winning the challenge after boring everyone to death with his babbling.(SEE CLIP ABOVE)He was crowing about it and when he took Robert with him to San Francisco, Danny was p****d off big time! You couldn't blame him as his dish came second to Ben's. Earlier on, Paula and Danny were both asked who was the weakest cook on their team. Paula chose Andrea and Danny chose Ben. Ben nearly had a coronary about it and that is why he decided to bring Robert with him instead of Danny.
The losers had to take in deliveries and Giovanni was moaning about it and he was dropping things. He began to annoy Paula with his groaning. Later on, in service, Giovanni and Andrea performed terribly. Andrea didn't know what she was doing and she admitted it to a very angry Chef Ramsay. He was gobsmacked at her attitude and he threw her out of Hell's Kitchen. She returned shortly afterwards and resumed her work. Giovanni was getting angry when Chef Ramsay called him some name and he began to answer him back, which only angered Chef Ramsay. Not a good move. Then he began to let everyone down in the kitchen. You could see him sinking lower and lower. His huge mistake was when he left a roasting hot pan in a cold fridge and Robert burnt his hand on it. You knew then that it was all over for Giovanni. He was good throughout the series, but his bad night messed everything up for him and he had to go home.... Only five cooks left now.. Who will win it is anybody's guess!!!


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