Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hell's Kitchen, Season 5, Episode 11 Recap.

It's that time again! Hell's Kitchen is back with another exciting episode. There are some real twists and turns in this episode as I will reveal. Last week, Giovanni was tossed out of Hell's Kitchen. Who will it be this week? Will Andrea finally get what she deserves and be fired by Chef Ramsay or will Ben shut up, ever???? This episode began where the last one left off, with Chef Ramsay telling them that he is shutting down Hell's Kitchen(like that was really going to happen!!!). They are stunned and Robert becomes very emotional as he thinks that his dream is being taken away from him, but it is all a ruse as Chef Ramsay tells them that they are going to Atlantic City to see the Borgota Hotel where one of them will be working if they win. They are taken in a private plane to the hotel and there, they are greeted by some hot babes. Robert is very impressed and he wants to take the babes with him!They are given a tour of the resort and they are really impressed by everything that they see.(Watch the Clip Above) They are having dinner with the executive chef from the hotel when Robert suddenly walks out. It turns out that he is not feeling well and that he has to go to hospital where he is having tests. The others get a call from him and they are all very sorry to hear that he is in hospital. They have to return to Hell's Kitchen without him and they wonder how he is doing.Chef Ramsay brings Robert back to tell them how he is feeling himself. He tells them that he has a heart condition and that he is not going to be able to continue on at Hell's Kitchen. It is an emotional scene as everyone hugs him and he has to leave. Robert was a contender, but he is better off finishing up now rather than making himself ill. The show must go on, though, and the others have to cook their own signature dish for Chef Ramsay. Andrea ends up winning and her prize is that she is safe from elimination no matter what happens tonight. Everyone else is p****d off at her and they all feel that she would have been the next one to go if she hadn't been safe. The service begins and Andrea begins to mess up with the fish. She sends it out raw and it keeps happening throughout the night. The others are so annoyed with her because she is affecting the team with her slacking. She is holding up Ben who gets into trouble too. He is kicked out of the kitchen by Chef Ramsay, but he comes back.Andrea is by far the worst cook in the kitchen and she is helped by Danny and Paula as she can't get her fish right. The service ends and everyone is amazed by how bad Andrea was. They are told to pick two people to send up for elimination and they choose Ben and Paula. Chef Ramsay admits that if Andrea was not safe, she would be going home. He decides to let them all stay this week. So, Robert has gone and there are only four left. My favourite is Danny. I think that he works hard and he doesn't talk as much as the others. He is a dark horse and I think that he could be in the final....


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