Friday, April 3, 2009

Hell's Kitchen, Season 5, Episode 9 Recap.

Well, another week has passed and we visit the hottest kitchen in town once again. Last week, Lacey and LA were terminated in an exciting episode. Who is going to get the chop this week? Will Carol and Andrea finally stick each other's heads into the hot ovens? Will Ben ever shut up???

This week, there was the usual challenge. Chef Ramsay came in with a king crab and he told them that they each had to make a dish and present the best two up to him. So, the chefs got running and then they had to decide who had made the best dish. Andrea pushed her dish out to the front and so did Ben!(Watch the clip above) These two are so bossy and obnoxious that I wish they would get kicked out.Andrea's was appalling to the chef and so was Ben's. Chef Ramsay asks for Paula's and Danny's and they are both great. He chooses Danny's overall and the guys team wins, even with one member less. The guys get to go to Santa Monica with Chef Ramsay while the gals get to clean the dorms.. That evening, they are told that they have to make their own menu and choose what they want to serve. They have the usual meeting etc and the usual loudmouths take over. That night, Carol decides to make some potato dish and it turns out terrible and she falls foul of Chef Ramsay. All during the service,she keeps messing everything up and she is really letting her team down. Of course, Andrea is delighted with this and she is really hoping that Carol will be the one to get kicked out so she can take over the team herself. In the blue kitchen, Ben cannot seem to get things right. He is making errors all over the place and Chef Ramsay is not pleased with him. Robert also seems to be shuffling around the kitchen very slowly and not making much effort to get things done. One diner comes up to Chef Ramsay complaining about her food and she makes the mistake of whistling at him! She gets told off!After the service ends, the girls are told that their team won but that they really were not very good at all. Danny is told to pick one person to go home and the cooks head back up to their dorms. Danny wants to eliminate both of them as he thinks that they didn't do very well. He decides that Ben should be the one to go home which is right, I think because he didn't have a good service. Chef Ramsay calls Robert and Ben out and asks them why they should stay. Just as we think that one of them are getting fired, he picks out Carol and tells her that she is the one to go home this week as she had a meltdown over her potatoes and she just gave up. So, Andrea is over the moon that her nemesis has gone home,but I think that Andrea is going to go home soon too. Here's hoping! Till next time....


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