Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hells Kitchen Uk Season 4 Finale!

Well, last night was the finale of this years series of Hell's Kitchen UK. Marco and the two remaining celebs were waiting with racing hearts to see who was going to be crowned the winner. Firstly, there was a recap of what had happened since the start of Hell's Kitchen. Adrian and Linda were treated to a flashback of their best moments and then they were told to make lunch for Marco and another chef Raymond Blanc. Linda won the challenge even though Adrian's was very good too... The second challenge was for each of the finalists to pick from a list of the other celebs and to form two teams with two of their favourite celebs so Linda chose Bruce and Anthea and Adrian picked Naomi and Danielle. The two finalists did very well and I think that Adrian is the better cook and he ran his team way better than Linda, who looked lost in the kitchen. Anyway, the moment of truth finally came and the public voted Linda the winner. I was shocked by this decision. Adrian was the better finalist by a mile, but hey, who knows what some people are thinking? The best person doesn't always win in these competitions as they are more of a popularity contest than a skills contest. If it had been based on performance, Adrian would have won, hands down.. Anyway, that is the end of the UK Hell's Kitchen for another year...


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