Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hells Kitchen Uk, Season 4 Update

Well, tonight was the first night that the public got to vote on who was their favourite celeb in Hell's Kitchen. There were four remaining celebs and they got to wear a scarf around their heads like Marco! There was plenty of laughing as they had to cook an egg dish for the chef... The time came for one of them to be sacked and everyone was wondering who it could be. Linda? Adrian?Danielle or Naomi? It ended up being Naomi or M Dynamite as she is called. I had never heard of her before Hell's Kitchen and I guess that I won't hear of her again. Well, there were only three left last night as the public voted and Danielle was kicked off! So now, in the final are Adrian and Linda, just as I'd hoped. I am looking forward to the final cook off and then it will be all over for another season.. I will let you know who won the whole thing on Monday!!


geoff said...

I wish we had your version. Our Hell's Kitchen seems to consist of "Let's bring twenty mental defectives and two competent line cooks to the show and see how long it takes to vote off the twenty obvious choices. Then, we'll give the winner a restaurant you will never hear of again."

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