Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hells Kitchen UK, Season 4

Some people might not have seen the English Version of Hell's Kitchen which was the original series in 2004. Gordon Ramsay was the first chef to be in charge of it but he dropped out and another chef, Marco Pierre-White(pictured below)took over. Marco is a bit of an eccentric guy. He has some strange ways about him, but he is fair and not as vocal as Gordon. The fourth series has eight 'celebrities'(z-listers) vying to be the winner of Hell's Kitchen.The Celebrites are: Anthea Turner(TV Presenter), her husband Grant Bovey(Businessman), comedian Adrian Edmonson, goalkeeper Bruce Grobelaar, actress Linda Evans, actor Jody Latham,footballer's wife Danielle Bux and singer Ms.Dynamite. If you haven't heard of these people before, don't worry, a lot of people haven't. Some of them are well known to people in Britain and Ireland, but to other people, they might not seem familiar. So, these celebrities are being trained by the chef who trained Gordon Ramsay. Marco and Gordon have a long running feud between them and they are not friends any longer. The celebs are very nervous of Marco as he has been known to be very angry when his standards aren't met. The celebrities were called to a meeting last night and they were all asked who should be fired.
They all agreed that Jody(pictured above) was the candidate to go home and he was kicked off! He had a bad night the other night and he fell out with all of the other celebs. I guess that this was their way of making sure he paid for his mistakes! I'm not sure when the next person is going to go but I will let you know when it happens!


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