Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hells Kitchen UK, Season 4

I am back with a quick post. This week on Hell's Kitchen was fun as the celebs were tested and they were all under pressure! Everyone wondered who was going to go last night as Marco told them that there were a few people he had his eye on. They all sat around the table and they told him why they wanted to stay etc. Adrian was kept in, as well as Danielle, Linda and Naomi. Anthea was kept in, so that left Grant who was sacked. He wasn't very good in the kitchen anyway and I think that Marco made the right choice! Anthea was very upset and she was acting like a sulky child, while the others rejoiced as they didn't really like Grant anyway as he was such a bossy boots! Bruce could sit back and watch the fun as he was immune from sacking. I will be back with the next celeb to be kicked off soon!!!


World of Film said...

Definitely the right choice! I hope Anthea gets the boot this evening.

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