Monday, April 27, 2009

The House on Sorority Row (1983)

This is a low-budget slasher movie with some familiar faces. I had never heard of it until recently and when I watched it, I could see why. It wasn't crappy or anything, but there wasn't much gore or creepiness to it as far as I could see, but then I guess we all have expectations of blood and gore when we watch horror movies nowadays.... The movie begins at a sorority house(who would have guessed!) and some girls who have just graduated from college. They are going to have a party in their house,but their house mother, Mrs. Slater(Lois Kelso Hunt) wants to put a stop to it and she tells them that they have to get out of the house. They decide to play a prank on her. One of the girls, Vicki(Eileen Davidson) gets a gun from her boyfriend and they take Slater's cane which she always uses and puts it in the pool. They make her get into the pool to retrieve it at gunpoint, but everything goes wrong and Kim kills her. The girls are shocked. Katherine(Kate McNeil) wants to call the cops but the others won't let her so they weigh the body down and leave it in the pool. They have their party and they think that Slater is at the bottom of the pool. They are all upset over what has happened and Katherine is plagued by her conscience. They find out that the body has disappeared from the pool and they are all shaken. How has she gotten out? The girls begin to disappear as an unknown killer is stalking them and picking them off, one by one. The remaining girls find Slater's body and they plan to take it to the cemetery to bury it where no one will discover it. Katherine is exploring the attic where Mrs. Slater spent a lot of her time and there are toys and birthday cards for a child up there. She finds a disc on a chain which has a phone number on it to be called in an emergency. She dials the number and she gets through to a doctor Beck(Christopher Lawrence) who comes over and tells her to stay where she is. He arrives at the house and tells her that Slater was losing her mind and when Katherine tells him that some of the girls can't be found, he wonders what is happening. He begins to talk about Eric, Mrs. Slater's son who was born to her years ago, but who was deformed or something and that he is back looking for revenge for his mother's death..He had been living in the house and saw what happened to mommy! Dr. Beck tries to trap him, but ends up dead. Vicki tries to bury Slater at the cemetery but she ends up dead too. Katherine is the only one left and she lures Eric up to the attic and she stabs him and he falls down dead(?). She collapses and passes out and we see that Eric really isn't dead after all..... This was entertaining but not brilliant. I am going to give it a 7/10. There is going to be some lame-ass remake of this out soon, so catch the original before they spoil it!


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