Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This movie is the sequel to Suspiria, which I reviewed here. Inferno is written and directed by horror master Dario Argento, one of my favourite directors. The movie is the second in the Three Mothers Trilogy with the third being The Mother of Tears(2007), which I will review soon. This film was not very popular at the time, but is now recognized as a great horror movie.
Rose Elliot(Irene Miracle)is a poet living alone in New York City. She finds an old book called The Three Mothers and it is about these three evil sisters who live in Rome, Freiburg, Germany and New York City. They live in places which have been designed for them by an architect named Varelli. Rose becomes sure that one of the evil three are living in her building and she writes to her brother Mark(Leigh McCloskey) who lives in Rome to come and see her. Rose uses the book to find a hole in the cellar which is filled with water and she drops her keys into it. She has to dive into the water to reclaim her keys and she looks around at a room which is underwater. She sees a picture with the words Mater Tenebrarum on it. She grabs her keys as a corpse tries to grab her. She gets away and runs from the cellar, but she is being watched by an unknown person.Mark has Rose's letter and he doesn't get a chance to read it . He leaves it behind him in his class and a girl, Sara picks it up and reads it. She is worried by what she reads and she finds a copy of the Three Mothers book and reads about them. She is attacked by something and she runs away and stays with her neighbour that night. Unfortunately, that night, they are both killed. Mark finds them and he finds pieces of Rose's letter at the scene. Mark calls Rose and tells her that he will visit before getting cut off. Rose hangs up and she is attacked and killed by someone. Mark makes his way to New York and he talks to some of Rose's neigbours. They tell him that she has disappeared. Mark sees blood stains outside her bedroom and he faints. He is being dragged away by some figure in black when a neighbour spots him and is killed. Mark wakes up and he makes his way to another neighbours apartment. The next day, Mark investigates the dealer, Kazanian, who sold Rose the Three Mothers book. He won't tell him anything about it. He gets killed.Mark reads Rose's letter again and he sees that there is a little space beneath each floor which leads to secret rooms where he finds a man called Professor Arnold. He tells the young man that he is Varelli who wrote The Three Mothers. He attacks Mark with a needle but Mark overpowers him. He tells Mark that he is being watched. Out comes Varelli's nurse, who is Mater Tenebrarum and she transforms herself into Death. Meanwhile, the apartment building is in flames and Mark tries to escape before he becomes trapped by the fire. He manages to get out of her lair before she kills him, but she is destroyed herself as her fortress is burned down.. A complex plot makes this movie interesting and horrifying at the same time. Argento is a real genius at making these types of movies. I can't want for his next one..I am giving this a 9/10.


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