Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sometimes They Come Back(1991)

I like this movie a lot. I see that a lot of other horror fans don't feel that it is very good which surprises me. There is plenty to like about this movie. It is based on a short story by Stephen King and it is directed by Tom McLoughlin who directed the 6th sequel in the Friday the 13th series. I know that there are some sequels, but I really like the original.Our tale begins with a school teacher ,Jim Norman(Tim Matheson) who returns to his home town after thirty years away. He has some demons which he is battling with. His brother, Wayne, was killed years ago after defending Jim from a group of bullies led by Richard Lawson(Robert Rusler).But, they were in a train tunnel and the train was coming down the track. The bullies ran to their car, but they didn't have their keys. Jim had the keys to their car and he escaped and ran away, leaving the bullies to their ghastly deaths. Jim begins to teach in the local high school and he finds that the local kids are disappearing and the bullies are taking their place in his class... Jim recognizes the bullies as the same ones who killed his brother and he can't believe it. They are still dressed as they were all those years ago and they are more nasty than ever. They have a mission and they are going to carry it out. No one else seems to see the bullies and they think that Jim is having a nervous breakdown. His wife, Sally(Brooke Adams) is worried about her husband and she wonders what is happening to him. Jim is being suspected in the disappearances of the local kids and he needs to prove that these ghosts from his past are out to get him and that they are in this world, murdering anyone who gets in their way... There is a final showdown in the same train tunnel where it all began. Jim has to put himself back into the same position as he was in and he faces up to those same bullies who want to kill him this time. Will he survive or will the bullies finish the job ? The short story has a different tinge to it, but this movie is good, nonetheless. There are some genuinely creepy moments and the bullies are very eerie with their pale faces and their 1950's dress. I really enjoyed this movie and even though it has received a lot of bad reviews, I will not change my mind. It is a good film with a solid story and some great baddies! I am giving it an 8.5/10.


Movie Hunger said...

I love Stephen King movies. I'm really suprise that I missed this one.

Sometimes people just have to have a taste for Stephen King. His storylines are not for everyone.

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