Sunday, May 3, 2009


This is an early 80's release starring Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy and Jaqueline Bisset. It has been a favourite of mine for years and it gets better with time. It was one of Andrew McCarthy and Rob Lowe's first movies and they would go on to be part of the 'Brat Pack' of the 1980's.
The movie is set in a prestigious school called Vernon Academy in Illinois. Jonathan(McCarthy) is from a working-class family and he has earned a scholarship at the school where most of the kids are wealthy. He is nerdy and he is a sensitive boy and he gets tricks played on him which makes him feel as if he doesn't belong. He shares a room with Skip(Lowe) who is popular and rich and who plays a cruel prank on him, but Jonathan shows him that he isn't going to take it and they become friends. Skip is a rebel and he is totally different to the shy and reserved Jonathan and Skip wants to help the young man in finding a woman. Skip tells Jonathan to go to a bar he knows in town which is full of single ladies waiting to meet someone. He wanders into the bar and he finds that he is out of his depth until he meets the beautiful older woman, Ellen(Bisset). They talk and they eventually have sex and Ellen shows Jonathan how to please a woman. Jonathan and Ellen become lovers and they find that they are very attracted to each other. They become closer and closer and Jonathan begins to feel as if he is indeed, a man now. Jonathan lies about his age and his job and Ellen doesn't realise how young he is and when she finds his wallet in his jacket and sees how young he is, she disappears from his life. Jonathan doesn't know what has happened and he is hurt by this.He is invited to Skip's home for Christmas break and he meets his dad and his mom. Unfortunately for Jonathan, Skip's mom is Ellen! It becomes very awkward as Ellen and Jonathan realise the horror of what has happened! Ellen tells him to leave but when he does, she calls him and begs him to meet her. They meet in a motel room but little do they know that Skip has followed them and he sees them in bed together. Jonathan and Skip have an almighty row and they end up almost killing each other! Jonathan explains that he had no idea who she was and that he would never have gotten involved with her had he known. Skip accepts this and in the end, they remain friends after everything! This was a classic '80's movie with some great acting and it is an entertaining watch. I am giving this one a 9/10.


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