Saturday, May 16, 2009

Evil Dead 2(1987)

Some people view the second installment of the Evil Dead as a remake and others as a sequel. I think that it is a sequel and I am going to treat it as such. It is directed by Sam Raimi and stars Bruce Campbell once again. It has a little recap of the first movie in the beginning but there is no footage from the movie as Raimi wasn't allowed to use it for some reason so we are just reminded of what happened to Ash's(Campbell) girlfriend in the first one. He decapitated her with a shovel. We see that he listened to a recording of a professor talking about the Book of the Dead and he recites passages from the book which calls the dead back to this world. We see what happened to him after the first movie. The evil spirit in the woods possessed him but the sun came up and the demon had to retreat, leaving Ash as normal. He tries to get away from the cabin, but the bridge has been destroyed and with it, all hope of him leaving. He has no choice but to return to the dreaded cabin in the woods. The night is coming and he knows that the evil dead will be coming for him again. He is chased by the demon and he hides for a while, but then Linda comes back and he has to use the chainsaw on her head!Meanwhile, two archaeologists, Annie and Ed are heading to the cabin because Annie's dad was the professor who Ash heard on the tape and Annie has some pages from the Book of the Dead to show him. She wants to go to the cabin but the bridge is out, so she gets a local guy,Jake and his woman, Bobby Joe to take them. Ash is still battling evil in the cabin as his hand is possessed after being bitten by Linda. He has to cut it off with the chainsaw(ouch!). There are some great scenes while Ash is battling his renegade hand. The archaeologists are outside the door when Ash shoots through it, thinking that it is more demons. They think that he is mad and throw him into the cellar. Unfortunately, the professors dead wife is down there and she is hideous. The others rescue him from the demon but Ed gets bitten and he turns into a demon. They dispose of him. They witness the spirit of the professor who tells them that the pages that Annie has are the key to getting rid of the demon.Bobby Joe sees Ash's severed hand holding hers and she freaks out, running into the woods where she is caught by an evil tree. Jake wants to go after her and when Ash and Annie tell him that they won't, he grabs the pages they need to get rid of the evil and throws them into the cellar with the demon. They have no choice but to go out into woods after he pulls a gun on them. They don't find Bobby Joe and Ash becomes possessed again by the demon and he chases Annie. She tries to kill him, but kills Jake by mistake. Ash tries to kill Annie, but he finds the locket he gave to Linda and he becomes normal again. Annie realises this and they plan to go into the cellar to get those pages. Ash kits himself out like Rambo and descends into the darkness where the rotten demon is waiting. He gets the pages and he gives them to Annie and is coming out of the cellar when he is confronted by the demon.They do battle and he manages to come out of the cellar but the demon follows him and they fight once again. He manages to kill it eventually.Annie reads the pages and calls forth the manifestation of the evil which is a huge head which tries to kill Ash.She is stabbed, though.She manages to say enough to open a vortex and the evil being is sucked into it. Unfortunately, so is Ash. He ends up in another time, surrounded by knights. When he kills an evil creature, they think that he is a hero and he is horrified. He has a huge army at his disposal now and he has to fulfil his destiny.... A great sequel to the original. I liked it a lot and I am going to review the third one soon. I will give this an 8/10.


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