Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Gate(1987)

This movie stars a very young Stephen Dorff and it is directed by Tibor Takacs. I had heard of this movie before I watched it but I was pleasantly surprised by this horror film. It was entertaining. Young Glen(Dorff) finds a large hole in his backyard after a tree is struck by lightning. He and his friend Terry(Louis Tripp) find some sort of rock in the hole. They dig around, looking for more rocks which are called 'thunder eggs'. Moths come flying out of the hole. Glen's parents are going away for three days and Glen's sister, Alex(Christa Denton) is in charge of him. She seems more interested in going out with her stupid friends than looking after her little brother. Alex is having a party when her parents have gone and Glen and Terry are upstairs with the rock. They open it and they find some words written on an etch-a-sketch! Meanwhile, the teens are messing around when one of them starts talking about levitation and they try it on Glen. It works, but Glen gets scared and runs off.Terry stays over with him that night and encounters his dead mom who turns out to be Angus, Glen's dog, who has been killed! Glen is very upset and wants to call his parents, but Alex won't let him. She heads off with her pals, leaving Glen alone. Terry is at his house listening to a record of weird music when he sees something about a hole and demons coming out of it. He puts two and two together and he calls over to Glen to tell him that there are demons in his backyard and that they are going to come out of the hole when they get sacrifices.He brings the record with him and it contains a book which tells them all about the demons. Alex's friend dumps the dead dog into the hole which serves as a sacrifice. Alex comes back and she makes it up with Glen.That night, Glen's window breaks and he is attacked by moths. They find Angus in Terry's bed. A hand from under the bed grabs Alex's leg. Little demons come out of the hole and chase the teens. The teens need to close the gate before the big demons come. They run downstairs to get the record which will show them how to close the gate, but it burns. They get a bible instead and they read from it. The gate is beginning to open, but it needs two human sacrifices before it can complete. They try and chant some lines from the bible, but terry falls into the hole. He is attacked by the mini demons but he manages to climb out and complete the chant. The hole closes.The teens return to the house and they think that it is all over. A body comes from the wall and grabs Terry and takes him. They try to take Glen. Terry attacks him now. Alex and Glen lock themselves in the closet but the demons grab Alex too. Glen thinks of a plan and he tries to grab his rocket. Out of the ground comes a gigantic demon along with his minions. Glen is faced with it, but it doesn't take him. He launches a rocket into it's chest and it explodes. As it is destroyed, Alex and Terry are returned along with Angus the dog. This movie was entertaining and while it isn't gory or violent, it is a good movie and I enjoyed it. I am going to give this one a 7/10. Oh and there is going to be a remake so catch the original first!


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