Monday, May 18, 2009


This movie is based on the horror novel of the same name written by a favourite author of mine, James Herbert. He wrote the novel 'The Rats' which was made into a movie also and which I have reviewed here. Haunted stars Aidan Quinn, Kate Bekinsale and John Gielgud. David Ash(Quinn) is a disbeliever in paranormal activity and ghosts. He lost his sister when he was very young when she fell into the water and drowned. He dreams about it a lot. He works as a professor of psychology in the University of Camberley in England. He has written a book about exposing frauds and fake paranormal activity. It is the 1920's in the film.He goes to a seance and he proves that a so called medium is a hoax. He gets a letter from a Miss Webb who wants him to come to Edbrook Hall and see if there are any ghosts there. She claims that there are lots of ghosts in the house and that she is haunted by them. David agrees to go out there, if only to put her mind at ease. He does not believe that there are any ghosts in the house. He is met at the station by Christina Mariell(Beckinsale)who is very pretty and he mistakes her for Miss Webb. She tells him who she is and she tells him that she has two brothers, Robert and Simon who live in the house also, along with Miss Webb or Nanny Tess as they call her. He meets her as he enters the house and she seems very scared. Robert(Anthony Andrews) is the serious older brother and Simon(Alex Lowe) is the trickster. The three siblings seem to have an oddly close relationship. David wonders if Nanny Tess is having mental problems and he calls in the doctor(Gielgud) who comes and talks to her. David sets up cameras around the house but he thinks that it is someone in the house who is pretending to be the ghost to scare Nanny Tess. He is asked to leave the house by Robert when Nanny Tess becomes more and more upset. He won't leave though, as he likes Christina and he wants to see who is playing tricks. He tells Christina about losing his sister when he was young. He keeps seeing her around the place and it spooks him. That night, he falls into the water and almost drowns,. He is saved by Christina and Simon. He tells them that he was pushed into the water by something or someone, but they don't believe him.There are some weird occurrences in the house and he wonders what is going on. He goes to see the doctor and he tells him what has been going on. The doctor assures him that it is in his imagination. He goes back to Edbrook with Christina and they have sex. The next morning when he awakes, she has gone and the house is empty. Everything has been covered up and it is deserted. He sees his sister and follows her to a cemetery where he sees the graves of Christina, Robert and Simon Mariell. They have been dead for years! He goes to look for the doctor who isn't there either. They are all ghosts! Christina is waiting outside and he runs to her despite a warning from his dead sister! She crashes the car on the way back to Edbrook and when he returns there, he finds Nanny trying to leave, but the three siblings won't let her. They kill her and the ghostly three try to kill David, but he escapes with some help from his sister. He makes it home and his secretary meets him from the train. As they walk away, Christina follows him at a distance.... A fair version of the book. Not as good as it could have been, though. I am giving it a 6/10.


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