Monday, May 11, 2009

Hell Night(1981)

Hell Night is an 80's slasher movie starring Linda Blair and it is directed by Tom DeSimone. I hear that there is going to be a remake of this film next year, so watch the original before they get their hands on it!Peter(Kevin Brophy) is the president of a fraternity and he is hosting 'Hell Night' which is a hazing ritual for the pledges who have to do whatever he says. He sends four of them into Garth Manor which is supposed to be haunted because some guy killed his family there. There is supposed to be surviving members of the family still living there. The four kids are locked into the estate and they have to stay there until dawn . There is Marti(Linda Blair), Seth(Vincent Van Patten),Denise(Suki Goodwin) and Jeff(Peter Barton). They are a bit nervous going in to the house, but they don't know that Peter and his pals are playing tricks on them by scaring them. Peter and co. set up machines etc that make it look as if the house is haunted.Seth and Denise go upstairs for some fun, leaving Jeff and Marti alone downstairs. Marti thinks that she sees a ghost and she becomes scared when the doors wont open, but Jeff discovers that there was some machine set up to lock the doors and he figures out that it was Peter messing with them. But, there is someone else in the manor as the kids playing tricks are getting killed. There is some mutant freak in the house and he is looking for revenge(or something!).In fact, there are two freaks roaming the house and the kids begin to drop like flies... Firstly, Denise disappears when Seth goes to the bathroom. He finds a severed head in his bed and he freaks out and escapes to get help.He comes back with a gun which he finds in the police station and he shoots one freak, but he hadn't reckoned on there being another one. He gets shot by the other freak. Marti and Jeff are left to try and fight the fiend, but Jeff is flung out of the window, just leaving Marti to survive. She finally manages to get out and she gets to the car. The freak follows her but she manages to kill him. She gets out, but she is in shock about what happened to her... This isn't Oscar material, but it is good fun. I am going to give this one an 8/10.


James Gracey said...

I think i might be a little in love with Hell Night - true it will never win any awards, like you say, but its definately one of the better slasher films from the early eighties. a guilty pleasure of the highest order!

cool review.

James :P

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