Friday, May 1, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 5, Episode 13 Recap

Last week in Hell's Kitchen, Ben got the chop and about time too! I really don't think that he will be missed. He was all talk and he couldn't deliver. That left Danny, Paula and Andrea, who I felt should have gone AGES ago as she was a weak cook.

So, there was a little treat for the remaining three cooks as their families were brought in. They were all emotional and it was a surprise to them all. They were given a boost by this and then they were told that they had a challenge. They had to prepare a dish for a hundred special guests. Little did they know that the guests were a hundred of the best chefs in L.A. They were all running around like headless chickens, getting everything ready and when the chefs walked in, there was a lot of nerves. The chefs were given a colour chart and told to choose their favourite dish and their least favourite dish. 76 percent loved Paula's dish and she was delighted. Also, 76 percent hated Danny's dish and he was bitterly disappointed.
Danny and Andrea had to do all of the laundry for the restaurant . Danny seemed to have lost his confidence for a while, but he soon managed to bounce back. Paula was taken to have a makeover with Jean-Phillipe and she was looking very nice compared to the other two who were slaving away in the restaurant for the day. She was taken away with Gordon the next morning to the TV studios and she was on a show with him. Paula was delighted with herself and the other two got to see her on the show. I think that they were pretending to be happy for her, but inside,they were furious.Paula came back refreshed and happy and they went down to service.Each of the cooks had to be on the pass for a while and Paula was up first. She did well and next was Danny. He really didn't do very well and he was annoyed with himself. Andrea stepped up last and she had everyone cursing her because she was too loud and annoying. Chef Scott was going to punch her in the face! Chef Ramsay was happy overall and he told them to go back to the dorm and pick one person they think should go. Danny picked Andrea for obvious reasons(she's a pain in the ass!), Andrea picked Danny and Paula picked Andrea. I thought that Andrea should go and she did! I was delighted to see the back of her as she was nothing but a cow and she messed up a lot during the series. Danny and Paula were consistently good and strong during service so I think that it will be an exciting finale!


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