Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Howling 2:Stirba-Werewolf Bitch(1985)

This sequel is pretty poor when compared to the original Howling(1981) which I have reviewed here.But, you can't expect it to be the same. This movie is directed by Phillipe Mora who directed The Beast Within and Communion. The movie starts where the last one left off. Karen was killed as she turned into a werewolf live on TV. Her brother Ben White(Reb Brown) is at her funeral. He meets journalist Jenny Templeton(Annie McEnroe) who knew his sister. They are confronted by a weird guy called Stefan Crosscoe(Christopher Lee) who tells them that Karen really was a werewolf and that there are more of them. He shows them video proof that Karen was a werewolf and Ben finds it very hard to believe his story. Ben and the reporter are at a crypt and they are shocked when a supposedly dead Karen comes back to life as a werewolf and tries to kill Stefan. Ben has to kill her. He believes Stefan now. The three meet at a nightclub and Ben learns that Stirba(Sybil Danning), the queen of the werewolves is celebrating her tenth millennium of being immortal. She is killing young virgins to gain her youth back. All werewolves will come to her to celebrate this momentous occasion. We also meet Mariana(Marsha Hunt) who is a werewolf babe and who kills a few punks and devours them for fun. She has a servant with her called Erle(Ferdy Mayne). So, the three heroes are off to Transylvania to find the werewolf queen and bring her reign of terror to an end. It is not going to be easy as she will be surrounded by werewolves who are very powerful. They meet a dwarf who helps them along the way as he has magical powers. The village they stay in is full of weirdos and Stirba's influence can be felt everywhere... They finally find out where Stirba is located. They have a few friends from the village to help them, but they have a huge task ahead of them. Stirba is expecting them.. They reach her eventually and there is a showdown between Stirba and Stefan who have been battling against each other for a long time. There are some revelations and of course some stripping off. Stirbadoesn't seem to want to keep her clothes on and she reveals her boobs at every opportunity!How will it end? Does anyone care? This movie is kind of silly and it pales in comparison to the original. It can be funny when you see the werewolves as their costumes or whatever they are are ridiculous. It seems a bit cheap and it seems as if people are just there to get paid. All in all, not a great movie, but it is in the 'so bad it's quite entertaining' category. Of course, you should see if it you like b-movies with plenty of boobs and some horror thrown into the mix. I am going to give this one a 5/10 and that is being generous!!


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wow good ficture an movie....

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