Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Bloody Valentine(2009)

I sat down to watch this last night and I have to say that I knew that it wasn't going to be great and I was right. But, saying that, I have to give it credit for the way that it is action from the beginning. The killings begin straight away and they are good which is probably because of the 3-D. But, apart from that, this film suffers from the 'remake curse'. It tries to be something that it isn't and I guess that if you have seen the original, you will see the flaws even more, especially with the rotten ending that I did not like. The story begins with some teens going into a mine where some guys were buried alive the year before. One of them was Harry Warden who is in a coma and who survived by killing his co-workers. Tom Hanniger(Jensen Ackles) is blamed for this as he didn't do his job properly. A year later, some teens including Tom go into the mine where they are confronted by Harry Warden who is holding a pick axe and he means to use it! Kids are killed all over the place in a good scene, especially with the 3-D. Sarah(Jaime King), Tom's girlfriend is in the mine and she is confronted by Harry and her friend Axel(Kerr Smith) grabs her and keeps her from being seen by the psycho. Axel helps her escape along with his girlfriend, Irene(Betsy Rue). Tom is trapped in the mine with the killer and he is saved by the Sheriff (Tom Atkins). Of course, the killer gets away after being shot many times! Cut to ten years later and Tom is coming back to town after the death of his father. He is going to sell the mine that has been in his family for years and it is not a popular decision with the townsfolk. He meets Sarah again and finds that she has married Axel who is now the Sheriff. The killer is back as Irene is killed at a motel where Tom is staying. As Tom goes to see his mine, he is locked in a cage as the killer murders a miner. The other miners are suspicious of Tom. The Sheriff asks the old Sheriff what they did with Harry Warden and they tell him that they killed him and buried him. They go to the burial site, but he isn't there, reinforcing the idea that Harry is back in town and he ain't happy.He is going after Sarah, Axel and Tom... The killer slays more people in the town and almost kills Sarah. Then, the movie takes a turn for the worse and I really lost interest. They changed a few things around and I found that it was silly and that really brought the movie down. I really disliked the ending as it was too obvious and sloppy. Anyway, I suppose you either like it or you don't like it and I thought that it was okay for a remake, but I suspect that I will be reaching for the original movie before I would sit through this remake again.Even the 3-D couldn't save it. It started off well, but as time went on, I lost interest in it and I was just waiting for the credits to roll...I am giving this a 4/10.


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