Monday, May 25, 2009


This low-budget movie is famous because people thought that a girl was actually being murdered on set! But, she wasn't. It was all just part of the hype for the movie. It was originally released years earlier, but it was so sleazy and badly-acted that it wasn't released properly until 1976. It is made in South America and it is hideously bad.... The movie begins with a biker gang looking for one of their crew. She is Ana and they think that she has run off with their stash. They find her and torture her then at the bidding of some Manson-esque guy called Satahn(get it?). He is some kind of leader to the chicks and they do whatever he wants..He is always speaking to them in echoes so he comes across as some kind of spiritual leader( but he is just some saddo....) So Ana is being tortured because she broke the psycho's rule and she doesn't seem to mind her toes being cut. The Manson wannabe watches her and the others laugh really loudly which is probably because the blood doesn't even look real!!! Anyway, they end the torture and she is one of the gang again! So, we cut to the airport where some poor guy is washing his hands when he is attacked by a woman and stabbed(more really fake blood!). We don't know why. It isn't explained and the person leaves their coat at the crime scene!Hmm. Anyway, we cut to a couple of people coming off of a plane. They are Terri London, who is an actress and Max Marsh, her agent(?). They are going to be shooting a movie in South America. Terri keeps complaining about the heat and Max just wants to get into her knickers! They arrive at a house where Terri will be staying and she wants to go to sleep so Max leaves her alone. Her phone rings and she asks for some guy called Horst! She chats to him and he tells her that he will be with her in two hours. Horst has some chick called Angelina with him and he tells her of his meeting. Horst sets off to meet Terri and they kiss etc. Cut back to Satahn who is looking more like David Koresh this time. He is telling Angelina that she has to get close to Horst and Terri and they chat about Terri getting pregnant and having a baby and then they will kill it. It's his grand plan - couldn't he come up with something better? Angelina loves him and she will do whatever he wants so they frolic in dodgy looking water and then the others show up! It's a free for all!!! At this stage, I was tempted to turn the movie off because it seemed really cheesy and silly, but I was waiting for something to happen...Horst and Terri are in bed together chatting and Horst tells her that she doesn't need to make nudie pictures with Max but she tells him that she needs her dignity(!) and she needs her independence so she will prance around with her boobs on show if she likes! Then, we find out that Terri is pregnant and that Angelina will have to move out of Horst's place. The plot in this movie is all over the place and there is no set plot lines.Anyway, Max is gotten rid of by Angelina so he won't stand in the way of Terri and Horst having a child together. Terri is then seen frolicking in the pool afterwards. Poor Max wasn't missed. The cops asked Terri some questions, but then decided that she was okay and that there was nothing suspicious about it. The cop could only string a few words together anyway, so it's okay. Terri meets Horst's dad and they chat etc. Satahn shows up with some cryptic words and leaves. The gals are torturing each other again. Satahn comes in to the warehouse they call home and stops them. Angelina is in the gang. They go robbing and killing people. Angelina then tells Satahn her sob story and they bond(aahhh). So, they are ordered to slaughter everyone, including the pregnant Terri(reminds me of the Manson killings!) at Horst's place. They find a few people there and they kill them all..Then, the movie stops and we find out that it wasn't real at all.. There are cameras filming it..We are in a movie within a movie. Then some poor girl is attacked and murdered for our viewing pleasure. Is it real? Is it fake? It's FAKE!!! This movie was very badly made and the acting was laughable. It was actually funny because it is so bad. I didn't think that I could sit through the whole thing and then the ending was the only decent part of it, but that's not saying much. If you like a really cheesy, cheap, silly movie, then this is it. It will make you laugh anyway and that is something...I am giving this a 4/10.


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