Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Wedding Singer(1998)

This is one of my favourite comedies. It stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as well as a good cast of actors. It is set in the 1980's and I love the music in the film. It is directed by Frank Corachi who has directed two other Sandler movies- Click and The Waterboy.
As the title suggests, Adam Sandler stars as a wedding singer called Robbie Hart who is still living in his hometown of Ridgefield, New Jersey. He lives in his sister's basement and he has a fiance called Linda(Angela Featherstone) . He is happy enough with his life. He meets a waitress called Julia(Barrymore) at a wedding one night. Julia is engaged to a guy called Glenn(Matthew Glave).Robbie is getting married in a week and Julia is working at his wedding. He is delighted to be marrying the love of his life, Linda but she jilts him at the altar, leaving him devastated.He sinks into a depression and his friend, Sammy(Allen Covert) tries to cheer him up, to little avail. He returns to his career as a wedding singer, but he is sad and his singing is woeful. He begins to get himself into trouble as the father of the bride is furious. He finds himself in a dumpster. He meets Julia again and they chat. She tells him that she has set the date with her fiance and she asks him to help her plan her wedding. He is reluctant at first, but he agrees to help.He begisn to feel better.They become friends and they grow close.Holly(Christine Taylor) is Julia's man-eater friend and she tells her that she likes Robbie and she wants to get together with him. Julia is a little jealous. She arranges a double date with her and Glenn and Robbie and Holly. They go to a nightclub and Holly comes on to Robbie who is not really that interested. Julia drinks way too much and she becomes very drunk. Robbie talks to Glenn who tells him that Julia is trustworthy but that he has and is going to cheat as much as he wants. Robbie is disgusted. He doesn't know what to do about it. Holly asks him to go to bed with her, but he is more interested in Julia. Holly realises that he is in love with Julia. Robbie tries to better himself for Julia as Glenn is a stockbroker and he feels inferior, but it doesn't work out. He tells her that she only wants money and that is why she is with Glenn. Julia is very hurt and she walks away.Robbie goes to a bar and drowns his sorrows. He can't stop Julia's wedding. He admits to Sammy that he loves her, but that he can't ruin her wedding. He decides to go to her house and tell her how he feels but he sees her in her wedding dress and she looks happy. He doesn't know that she was pretending that she was marrying Robbie and not Glenn. He returns to his friends at the bar and he runs into Glenn who is having his bachelor party. He gets into an argument with him and ends up being punched. He staggers home to find his ex, Linda waiting for him. He collapses and she takes him home. The next morning, Julia calls to see Robbie to tell him how she feels, but Linda answers the door and Julia is crushed.She rushes home and tells Glenn that she wants to get married now, in Las Vegas. They get ready to go. Robbie wakes up, finding Linda and throws her out. He goes to a party of an old woman whom he has been teaching to sing and he meets Holly who tells him that Julia thought that he was back with Linda and that is why she has gone. Robbie goes after her and there is a great ending. This movie is really funny and it has some great moments. I could watch this again and again and never grow tired of it. I am giving this a 10/10.


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