Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Babysitter Wanted Movie Review 29

I just stumbled upon this movie one day and decided to watch it. It is a horror movie starring Sarah Thompson and Matt Dallas.It is directed by Michael Manasseri and Jonas Barnes. The tale begins with a young woman called Angie(Thompson) who hails from a small town. She is going to college and her mother(Nana Visitor from Deep Space Nine, pictured below)prays with her for her safety in the big bad world! She arrives at her dorm and her roommate is a bit strange and she is told that there is no bed for her to sleep in and she has to bed down on the couch. There is stuff thrown everywhere and she is a bit put off. There is a stranger watching her from afar and he is following her around the place. She finds an ad for a babysitter wanted and she answers it. She goes to find the place and she meets Jim(Bruce Thomas) and his wife Violet(Kristen Dalton) who seem very nice and friendly. She meets the kid Sam who seems shy.They ask her to babysit for them and she agrees.

She is on her way to babysit one night when her car breaks down. She gets a lift from cute guy Rick(Matt Dallas) and they like each other. She arrives at the house and she is told that Sam is asleep. She is left alone as they go out and she is fine for a while until she hears noises etc and she knows that someone is in the house. She gets weird phone calls(When A Stranger Calls comes to mind here!)and she calls the cops and Rick. The chief of police tells her that he will stop by later. She is attacked by some bald man with a strange knife and Sam disappears. After some running around through the house, the man pounces on her but she fends him off and she hits him with a golf club. Sam appears and he takes off his hat to reveal the beginning of some horns! The guy she attacked was a priest and Sam is the son of the Devil!!!!(What the hell????)

So, the parents come back and she realises that they are dodgy too and that she is in trouble. They tie her up and tell her that she is going to feed the youngster who likes nothing better than a young female for his dinner! They have another young lady ready to go and the dad cuts her up in front of Angie. He then tells her that she is next on the menu! She finds out that they go out and get local girls for the kid who has a serious love for meat! The priest was coming to get the kid and she has done them a favour by hitting him. Jim tries to get her to comply with his wishes, but a cop car comes by and they pretend that everything is okay, but the cop doesn't really seem convinced. He is suspicious but heads off.

Meanwhile, Angie escapes and the dad goes after her.He catches her and tries to hoist her up on a rope but the cop comes in and pulls a gun on him. The mother shows up and she puts an axe into him. Angie manages to stab the dad and the mom is shot too. Angie tries to escape but this time the weirdo kid comes after her with a knife. It seems that he has missed his supper and he is so hungry! She catches him up in a rope and hoists him up so he can't do anything to her. She takes a swing at him. She finally escapes and ends up in hospital.She has nightmares and she wakens up to find Rick with her and a cop. He asks her if she has seen the kid and she tells him that he was in the barn. He is not there now and she is scared. The movie ends with another babysitter wanted advert going up. The little spawn of Satan has another mommy and he is waiting for some poor young woman to come and give him his dinner!!! For all you Star Trek fans, here is another picture of Nana Visitor who popped up in this crap!

This was not very good and I was surprised by how many cliches there were in this. I would not watch it again. I am giving it a 4/10.


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