Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Deadly Friend(1986)

This horror/science fiction movie is directed Wes Craven and it stars a young Kristy Swanson.
It is based on a novel called Friend by Diana Henstell.
Paul Conway(Matthew Laborteaux) is a computer geek who moves to a new city with his mother.He also has a robot called BB who is his best pal. He meets some other teens- Tom(Michael Sharatt) and Samantha(Kristy Swanson) who he likes. Sam lives next door to Paul with her dad who is abusive. Paul also meets Elvira Parker(Anne Ramsey), who is a mean old lady who hates anybody on her property. On Halloween, Sam, Paul and Tom get BB to open the lock on her gate so that they can get into her front yard and ring her bell. Sam rings the bell and this sets off an alarm and they have to hide as the old lady comes out with a gun. She destroys BB.Sam returns home and her horrible dad attacks her and she falls down the stairs. She is very seriously hurt and she doesn't have long to live after that. Paul hears this and he is devastated.
He decides to take her body and plant BB's chip in her brain to bring her back to life. He gets his friend Tom to help him to take the body from a hospital and they bring her back to Paul's house where Paul works on her and brings her back to life, but she is a remote controlled. She is hidden in Paul's shed and he somehow manages to keep her from being seen. What Paul doesn't realise is that BB's brain is set on revenge and that Sam is becoming more and more obsessed with punishing those who are mean.She pays a visit to Elvira Parker and she gets her revenge on her with a basketball in a great scene of gore! She goes on a rampage through town and she kills those who get in her way. Paul tries to find her, but the police get to her when she returns to the shed. They surround her and Paul sees her true nature return just before they kill her. She dies in Paul's arms and she is taken away and put in the morgue. Paul goes to the hospital to get her body yet again but this time, she has changed into a nasty version of BB and she reaches out for him and kills him...This movie isn't brilliant, but it is worth seeing for the basketball decapitation scene! I am going to give it a 7/10.


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I have not seen this film in a long time.

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