Monday, June 15, 2009

Elsewhere Movie Review 31

This horror/thriller movie is written and directed by Nathan Hope and it stars Anna Kendrick and Tania Raymonde who starred in TV series Lost as Alex.

Sarah(Kendrick) and Jillian(Raymonde) have been best friends for a long time and they are the total opposite of each other. Sarah is an athlete and she is doing very well in school whereas Jillian is a wild-child who makes trouble wherever she goes. She comes onto men who come into the diner where they both work and she is seen as a slut. Her mother is horrible to her also and she doesn't care what happens to her daughter. Jillian calls herself 'Da Bitch' and she can't wait to get out of the small town they live in. Her ex Billy(Paul Wesley) is after her, but she gives him a hard time. She has her own website and she has pictures of herself on it. She has hundreds of male followers and she tells Sarah that she is going to meet one of them in person. Sarah thinks that she is insane.In the town, girls have gone missing before. A heartbroken mother,Patty(Shannon Holt) comes into the diner and hands out a flyer looking for her daughter who disappeared five years ago. Everyone thinks that she is crazy and that her daughter just ran off. Another girl, Darla(Olivia Dawn York) works at the diner too and she is a bit strange. Jillian comes on to Darla's dad, Mr.Tod(Jon Gries) and she thinks that it is funny. Jillian is going to meet her Internet guy one night and Sarah receives a video message which she thinks is Jillian being attacked. She calls Jillian, but it goes into voice mail.Jillian has gone missing and nobody seems to care as they think that she just took off. Sarah doesn't believe this. She thinks that something bad has happened to her friend and she investigates.
Sarah receives text messages from Jillian's phone saying that she is fine and that she doesn't want anyone to look for her. Sarah is not convinced. She gets her geeky pal Jasper(Chuck Carter) to help her. They are being followed by someone who is watching everything they do. As they get deeper into their investigation, they are placed in serious danger. They come closer to the truth and they find out things that will shock them...

This movie was a surprise. I didn't expect much when it started, but by the end, I was glad I watched it. It was entertaining and I liked trying to figure out who was innocent in the town and who was guilty...I am going to give this one an 7/10.


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