Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This movie is a thriller starring Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon. It is directed by James Foley who also directed Glengarry Glen Ross. It is one of my favourite films and I think that Wahlberg is great in it as the crazy David.

Nicole Walker(Witherspoon) is a typical teenager. She is pretty and she is sixteen. She lives with her dad Steve(William Peterson) and Nicole's stepmother, Laura(Amy Brenneman). Laura has a son, Toby(Christopher Gray). Nicole hangs around with her friends Margo(Alyssa Milano) and Gary(Todd Caldecott). Nicole spots a hunky looking guy, David(Wahlberg) and she likes him immediately. He spots her too and he is interested in her. They meet at a rave one night and he helps her to escape when the cops raid it. They talk and she finds out that his name is David and he seems to be a nice guy. They begin to go out together.

Steve isn't happy with David dating his daughter and he begins to find out that David isn't all he seems. He is possessive and he is violent. David doesn't like other guys looking at his girlfriend and he isn't afraid to threaten anyone who gets in his way. Nicole begins to realise that he is not all that she thought he was. He frightens her and she begins to wonder if he is the guy for her after all. He beats up Gary in a fit of jealousy and he scares the life out of Nicole. She breaks up with him and he isn't happy. He writes her name on his chest in ink and he bruises himself to make it look as if Nicole's dad beat him up. He kills her friend Gary. He tries everything in his power to win her back, including talking to her dad, but Steve is happy that she has broken up with him and he will not encourage his daughter to have anything to do with David. Nicole sees David having sex with her best friend, Margo and that puts an end to the relationship for good. She rejects David.

This pushes David over the edge and he gets his dodgy friends together and they come over to Nicole's house to try and take her by force. They break in and they try and get the whole family.
They scare everyone in the house and David is determined to get Nicole no matter what. Steve does his best to stop the thugs, but they get in eventually and all hell breaks loose. There are some scenes of violence as they try and get Nicole and when David finally gets her, there is a fight to the death.....

I liked this movie a lot. There are some great scenes in it and the leads are very good. I like the story and I would watch this again and again. This gets a 9/10.


Geof said...

I almost fell outta my chair in that scene where Marky Mark starts beating on his chest.

Amanda said...

I have to admit that that was a little corny, but I still love this movie. Who knew Marky Mark could be so evil????

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