Monday, June 29, 2009

Hostel Movie Review

People either love or hate these types of movies. They are sometimes called 'torture porn' which is a load of crap. Horror movies have always been graphic and horrible. That is the nature of them.Personally, I think that some of these movies push it a bit far, but it is meant to be scary and disgusting. If you want a sweet movie watch something else! This movie is directed by Eli Roth who also directed the movie Cabin Fever which I will review later.

The story is fairly basic in this movie. But, for those who haven't seen it, I will elaborate. Two Americans are backpacking through Europe. They are Paxton(Jay Hernandez) and Josh(Derek Richardson). They also have a pal called Oli who is from Iceland with them. They are in Amsterdam and they are looking for fun. They meet a Dutch man called Alex and he tells them about this place in Slovakia where there are loads of beautiful women who will do anything for tourists. Needless to say, the guys are dying to go there and they make plans to stop in Slovakia for some fun...

When they arrive there, they see the women and they are amazed. There seems to be plenty of naked women ready to have fun with them. They guys and gals mess around together and the next morning, Oli is missing. They wonder if he has gone away on his own, or has something sinister happened to him? The girls pretend not to know anything about it and they are so obviously lying. Josh is very worried, while Paxton thinks nothing of it. They eventually find out that the women are luring men into the hostel and selling them off for rich businessmen who want to act out their most violent fantasies on them.

Then the fun begins! There are some awful scenes of brutality, but it is in context with the rest of the movie. The two lads are caught by the killers and taken to some gigantic chamber of death. They are tortured and they see that there are more people here. Women and men are subject to this torture. They realise that Oli was taken here and tortured too. The moral of the story is that in these poorer countries, everything is for sale. The tourists are blinded by promises of sex and they come to the hostel where they are sold like pieces of meat to these rich clients who are only to happy to get their tools out and start chopping them up! If you have a weak stomach, then this movie is not for you. Just be warned that there are some scenes of torture etc and that if you aren't into it, then give this movie a miss.
I liked this movie and I thought that it was very entertaining. I am giving it an 8/10.


Geof said...

You should check out the sequel if you have not seen it yet.

Amanda said...

I have seen Hostel 2 and I will be putting on a review soon!

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