Friday, June 5, 2009


I couldn't find a trailer, so I will give you a clip of the movie instead...

This movie is a cheaply-made movie with some good scenes but not many scares. There are some laughs in it and I don't know if they are intentional! It is directed by Michael Dugan who hasn't really done anything since.Hmm, wonder why that is??This movie begins with a young girl called Susan (Julie Christy Murray)weeping at the newly- dug grave of her mother who has just passed away. Her Aunt Cora(Laura Hippe)is with her and she is trying to persuade the young girl to come away from the grave and to come home with her. She runs away from her aunt and as she runs, she hears voices calling her name. She finds a mausoleum and the gate opens for her.She wanders inside(why???) and finds a tomb. Some guy comes after her but he is attacked by something and he is killed. Susan's eyes turn green and she goes up to the tomb and it opens. We see a horrible hand coming out.Years later and Aunt Cora is at a psychiatrist friend of hers called Doctor Simon Andrews and she is telling him that Susan(Bobbie Bresee) is acting the same way that her mother did before she died. She tells the doctor that something bad happened to Susan's mother and she hands him a journal from her family outlining about demons etc. Meanwhile, Susan is at her mother's grave. She finds herself drawn to the mausoleum again. The doctor is reading the journal and it tells of the demon in the mausoleum wanting the women from Susan's family. It has taken her mother so now, it wasn't Susan. The only way to stop it is to put a crown of thorns on it's head(what???). Okay, I know, the plot is a little thin, but it is fun all the same! So, poor Susan wakes up at home and she doesn't remember anything about the mausoleum trip. Her husband Oliver(Marjoe Gortner) is talking to her and the creepy gardener, Ben(Maurice Sherbanee) is perving on her from outside.
The husband and wife go dancing and some weird guy with a dodgy beard pervs on her too. When her hubby answers a phone call, the weirdo comes over to her and tries it on. She gets her revenge when she sees him going to his car and her green eyes come out and the car catches fire with him in it!The next day, Ben is leering at Susan again and he asks for coffee and she gives it to him. He can't keep his eyes off of her boobs and he drools over her. She feels weird but all of a sudden, she opens her dressing gown and goes out to him. A while later, she appears at the balcony wearing nothing but a towel and she lets him have a good look at her boobs. He almost passes out from the show and she lures him to the garage when they have sex. Of course, he is killed then, with a garden implement so he got his dream before he died! We see that Susan is a bit dodgy! Her husband arrives back and she has sex with him too! Next day, Aunt Cora comes to visit and she sees that Susan is a demon and she is killed too. Her husband finds her sitting in the dark that night and he is worried about her state of mind. He calls Dr. Andrews and he tells Oliver to get her in to see him the next day which she does. He hypnotises her and the demon comes out. Oh yeah, the housekeeper flees the house too as she has a spooky feeling....Dr.Andrews calls a colleague for help. Meanwhile, Susan is luring another guy into her house and she kills him. Her husband arrives home later and finds blood, but she doesn't explain it to him and he is mystified. The doctors are arguing over the possession of Susan and Dr. Andrews has to go and get the crown of thorns from the mausoleum and put it on Susan's head. They tell her husband about the possession and he is baffled. Meanwhile, Susan has stolen a painting and killed another guy. Oliver and Susan fight over the picture which is weird and they fall out. The doctor is at the mausoleum getting the crown of thorns. Susan kills her husband and leaves him in the bath! She has finally turned into a demon. The doctor arrives at the house and he finds the dead husband. He finds Susan and he confronts her. He puts the crown on her head and the demon is forced out. It returns to the mausoleum and Susan is left mystified. She and the Doctor have to go and put the crown into the tomb with the demon to stop it from coming back.
Susan does it and then she and the Doctor leave. The doctor speaks to someone who is outside the mausoleum and tells the person to stop anyone else from entering. The camera shows us that the person is ....Ben, the horny gardener!!!! He is laughing away and that is the end of the movie....This movie was not very scary at all, but there were some good scenes. I think that you would like it if you like 80's horrors. I liked it but I didn't love it. I am going to give it a 7/10.


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