Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Cat Felix Purring very Loud!

Here's a video of Felix getting a nice rub from me and as you can tell he loves a rub! He purrs very loud so make sure you turn up the volume! You can hear the little bell on his collar, ring as I rub his head and he will constantly butt into me for more and more. He would go for ages with a rub and it usually only ends with my hands getting too tired!! He needs constant attention and will literally meow at me to rub him if I stop! Its blackmail with love! I hope you like it! To see more of him click here.


Hicham said...

Oh! How sweet is Felix. Sweet kitty, all of them loves to have a rub and they all purrr :)

Radiation Cinema! said...

He looks a great deal like my cat, Bad Jerome. Very cute. -- Mykal

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