Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rose of Death Movie Review 32

This is a low-budget horror which is directed,written,produced and edited by L.Alan Brooks. There are no familiar faces in it either.

The movie begins with a couple, Rose(Sarah Maguire) and Kevin(Ash Dauenhauer) who are in his car chatting. They are telling each other how they feel. They love each other. Suddenly, a group of guys led by Rose's ex-boyfriend, Jake(Luke Jones) come up to the car and drag them out. Jake is really annoyed at her because she dumped him and he can't believe that she would prefer Kevin who is a bit geeky. Jake and his friends beat Kevin up and they rape Rose. They realise in a while that Kevin is dead. Jake has his new girlfriend, Meg(Sandra Winogrocki) and her pal with them too and they are not to happy about this. But, in a strange turn of events, Meg hands Jake a plank of wood and tells him to kill Rose too as they will never get away with it otherwise. They kill her and promise never to reveal the truth.
We cut to ten years later and the school reunion is coming up. All of the culprits are thinking about what happened all those years ago. They have all moved on with their lives and they are all unaware that they are going to be dead in a short while! Meg is plagued by guilt by what she did and she is haunted by it. A dishevelled Jake turns up at Meg's door and he wants to talk to her about everything. Meanwhile, one of the guys who helped bump the two teens off is killed by a weird looking guy in a magicians suit. The others are soon following suit. There is someone killing all of those who participated in that awful night. The killer leaves a red rose at the murder scene. There are two dodgy looking cops investigating. They are more interested in chatting than solving the murders.
Eventually, Meg and Jake are the only two left and they are scared. Meg is plagued by guilt and she calls the cop on the case and confesses all to him. Jake finds out about it and he is not happy. He goes to leave, but he is killed before he can go anywhere. Meg is killed too. They both see Rose and Kevin before they die. They have come back from the dead to get their revenge. Once they have done that, they disappear back to where they came from and that is the end of the movie.
This was not a bad movie, but it wasn't great either. I suppose that there wasn't a lot of money put into this film, but there are some creepy scenes. I am going to give it a 5/10.


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