Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes Man Movie Review 30

This movie is based on a book by Danny Wallace and it stars Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel. It is directed by Peyton Reed who has directed other comedies such as The Break Up and Bring it On.
The story begins with Carrey who is a bank employee called Carl Allen. He has a humdrum life and nothing ever changes. He never accept invitations to parties etc from his pals and anyone in his life. He prefers to spend time alone in his apartment watching DVDs. He has a negative outlook on life.A friend of his persuades him to go to a seminar about saying yes to everything. He is uncertain at first, but he decides to go. The seminar is attended by lots of people and the guy at the centre of it is Terence(Terence Stamp) who tells Carl that he has to say yes to every opportunity that comes his way. He makes a deal with him and Carl cannot break it. So, after the seminar, Carl comes out with a determination to say yes to everything. A homeless guy asks him for a lift and he has to agree. The same guy also wants to use his phone and Carl has no option but to let him. Then, his car breaks down and he has to walk to a gas station. There he meets Alison(Deschanel) who gives him a ride on her scooter back to his car. She also kisses him. He decides that there is something to this yes thing after all!

After that, Carl decides to take every opportunity that comes his way. He learns to fly, he learns to speak Korean and he joins a Persian dating service online. He comes across Alison again when her band is playing at a bar. He gets to talk to her again and they get along well. Carl talks a suicidal guy from a ledge by singing a song to him. He earns himself a promotion as he was granting loans to everyone who asked. His life is taking a turn for the better. Carl and Alison jump on a plane and go to Lincoln, Nebraska for no reason. They spend time together and Alison asks him to move in with her. He agrees but he is hesitant. They go to the airport and they are checking in when Carl is detained by FBI agents who are suspicious about his flying lessons and his Korean language classes and his approving a loan to a fertilizer company. Carl explains to them about his yes policy and when Alison finds out, she isn't pleased. She questions his commitment to her and she walks away from him.

Afterwards, Carl gets a call from his ex-wife who wants him back now that he seems so positive and happy. He tells her no and then bad things seem to happen to him. He goes to find Terence and ask him why his luck takes a turn for the worst when he says no and Terence tells him that it is all rubbish.They end up in hospital together.He tells Carl that there is no deal and that he can make his own choices according to his own reasoning. Carl is freed by this assertion and he races from the hospital wearing only a gown and he takes his friend's motorcycle. He finds Alison and he tells her that he can make his own choices again and that he doesn't want to move in with her yet but that he loves her and he wants her in his life. They kiss and everything is rosy...The movie ends with Carl donating loads of clothes to charity. Then, it cuts to the Yes seminar and Terence is getting ready for his speech when he sees that everyone in the audience is naked!! Carl has asked them for their clothes and they have to say Yes!!!!

I liked this movie. It was totally Jim Carrey's vehicle(but I have included a picture of Zooey above for you to enjoy!!!), but that doesn't take away from it. He is a likeable guy and he does what he is best at here. It was sweet and there were some funny moments. I think that it is a feel good movie and it will make you smile. I am going to give it a 6/10.


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