Monday, July 6, 2009

12 Rounds Movie Review 38

This movie stars John Cena who is a huge star in the WWE. He has been in one movie before this called The Marine and he isn't a great actor. He isn't Oscar quality, but he can do action! This movie is directed by Renny Harlin who has done movies such as Die hard 2 and Cliffhanger.

Cena stars as a cop called Danny Fisher who is on patrol with his partner when they happen to bump into the getaway car of an international terrorist, Miles Jackson(Aiden Gillen) and his gal pal (Taylor Cole). Danny chases them down and he stops their escape. Jackson's girlfriend is hit by a car while trying to escape and Jackson blames Danny. Jackson is sent to prison and Danny and his partner are promoted to detectives. Of course, Jackson ain't happy and he plots his revenge.

We cut to a year later and he escapes from prison and you just know who he is coming after.... So, Fisher lives with his girlfriend Molly(Ashley Scott) and you can see this coming...she is kidnapped by the psycho Jackson and held to ransom...Danny has to complete 12 rounds of his twisted game before he gets his woman back. This movie is total action and it is fun. You just know that it is pure escapism but that can be good sometimes. Danny goes from one explosion to another during this movie and the special effects are very good. Cena can play the cop/marine/ all round tough guy and he is good at it. He has the looks and he has the skills to pull it off.

Eventually, he completes the rounds and he comes to the final showdown with Jackson, who is good as the slimy baddie in this film. Jackson and Danny face off and he gets his woman back and everything is fine. But, these types of movies are good fun and you know what you are getting. I liked this movie and even though you can leave your brain at the door while watching it, it is worth seeing. John Cena might not be an actor you will remember for his art, but he can handle the action roles and I think that we will be seeing him in similar movies again. All in all, good fast-paced action with some great explosions etc. Amanda liked it too!
12 Rounds (6/10).


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