Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dead Wood Movie Review

This movie is a low-budget English horror movie. There are no real stars in it, but that doesn't matter in these movies, does it?
The movie begins with some guy running through the woods before being caught by something...Four city slickers decide to go to the woods for the weekend . They are going to go camping and they drive to the woods in an old van. They are Webb(Fergus March), Milk(John Samuel Worsey), Jess(Rebecca Craven) and Larri(Emily Juniper). They are all joking around when they hit something with the van. It turns out to be a deer. Webb has to kill it to put it out of its misery. They are all spooked by that. They go walking in the woods to find a site to put their tents up. They find an old, rusted car in the middle of the woods and they think that that is weird. Then, they get attacked by bees. They also find an abandoned tent and various stuff including a photograph.
That evening, Webb and Larri are making out in their tent and Jess and Milk are having fun in theirs when they hear a scream. Webb goes out to see what is going on. The other couple emerge too and they wonder what is going on. They decide to stay together that night for safety. The next morning, they awake to find a girl at their campsite. She is called Ketsy(Nina Kwok) and she claims that her boyfriend has disappeared and that she has been looking for him. She takes them to a lake where Webb and Lari go swimming. Ketsy gets into the water too. Jess and Milk go walking. While she is with Milk, Jess sees somebody watching them. Meanwhile, Webb and Ketsy are messing in the water when Webb goes under and doesn't come back up. Larri is really worried. The others arrive back at the lake and they discover that Webb has gone. They decide to go back to their camp but it isn't there anymore. They ask Ketsy what is going on, but she says nothing..

Larri suddenly sees Webb running through the woods and she runs after him. Milk follows her and they lose track of Webb. They hear screaming and when they come back, Jess has gone. Ketsy says that that she has gone and that whatever took her is coming for them. They decide to keep walking until they hit the road. They hear noises all around them(Blair Witch anyone???) and they see something moving. Larri sees a ghost and then they find an old hut in the middle of the woods(hmm, Blair Witch again!). They try to barricade themselves in the hut and wait for morning. They tie up Ketsy as they don't trust her. They fall asleep. When they awake, she is gone. There are only two left now. Milk finds their tents and there is Jesse. She tells him that she was lost and she kisses him. He gets carried away and suddenly, Jesse isn't there. It is Ketsy and she kills him by pushing him into a tree and he becomes a part of it.

Larri sees Webb and he hugs her and tries to get her up against a tree. She won't let him.Larri realises that it is Ketsy and she runs. She reaches the van, but she is knocked down by a car. She survives somehow. Larri finds some pictures of Webb and the others on her camera and she decides to get revenge. She grabs some gasoline and a blowtorch and heads back into the woods. She finds Ketsy and she threatens to burn down the woods. Ketsy tries to stop her, but she is burned. Larri burns to death. Ketsy is destroyed. We cut to some workers marking trees to cut down when one of them is confronted by Larri. But, she isn't happy. She kills the worker..She has turned into an evil ghost, just like Ketsy....

I liked this movie. I didn't enjoy it at first and then it began to get better. The acting wasn't great, but that is a small thing. There were some great scares in this film and it is very good for a low-budget movie. It is above-average and I would recommend it.It is a mix of The Blair Witch Project which I have reviewed here and The Evil Dead which I have reviewed here. I am going to give it a well-earned 7/10.


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