Monday, July 27, 2009

Saw - The Ride...Thorpe Parks Roller coaster to Hell!!

I have only just seen this now and it makes me want to travel immediately to England!!! It is a Saw themed ride.............Let the Games begin! Check out this video...........

You can see actual On-Ride footage in this video!

Then if you are still interested in knowing more then check out this short documentary about Saw - The Ride!!!

If you have been on it, please comment on what you thought of it! It shows how the Saw Franchise is still going strong and what effect the Jigsaw character has on people.Everything seems scarier when you see Billy the Puppet and the slowed down voice over! I wish we had something like it here in Ireland but the only roller coaster we have is on the bad roads that go up and down!!!!!!!


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