Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amusement Movie Review

This movie was not really great in my opinion. I didn't think that it was put together very well and I didn't like the characters. But, there were some okay moments in it. It was directed by John Simpson and it stars Keir O Donnell and Katheryn Winnick.
The movie revolves around three high school friends. The first story begins with a guy, Rob(Tad Hilgenbrink) and girl, Shelby(Laura Breckenridge) travelling in a car along the interstate. They are trying to get home. They are part of a convoy and they all stop to refuel at a gas station. There is a trucker and another guy in a jeep. The mild-mannered guy in the jeep chats to Rob for a few minutes and then goes into the gas station. The trucker looks mean and suspicious and the guys think that he is a bit weird. He suggests a shortcut around the interstate and the guys decide to follow him. Shelby sees a girl in the back of his truck and she holds up a HELP ME sign. Shelby and Rob get the fright of their lives when she jumps from the truck and onto their car. The guy in the jeep stops and he and Shelby try and help the girl while Rob chases after the trucker to get his number plates. He loses the trucker and he goes back to the spot where his girlfriend was only to find the guy from the jeep on the ground and the girls gone. The guy tells Rob that the trucker came back and took the girls. The two guys take his jeep and drive to a shack where they find the trucker who is on the phone. The trucker comes out and the guy from the jeep hits him across the head and kills him. Rob looks in the back seat of the car to find Shelby and the other girl!!!He is too late to save them...
We cut to another story which begins at a house where a young girl, Tabitha(Katheryn Winnick) lets herself in. She finds her two cousins alone in the house. The babysitter has gone, they tell her and she has to take care of them. She is startled by a knock on the door and there is some guy in a raincoat looking for the babysitter. Tabitha tells him that she has gone and that she doesn't know where. He goes away then. she puts the kids to bed and she goes into the guestroom where there are loads of clown toys including a life-size one. She is freaked out by it and she feels weird. She doesn't see it moving behind her back and when she her aunt calls her and she tells her about it, her aunt tells her that there is no life-size clown toy in the house. Tabitha freaks out and she hides from the strange clown. It tries to attack her and the boys. Tabitha finds the body of the babysitter and she almost gets caught by the clown, but she escapes...
So, the next story is about a girl called Lisa(Jessica Lucas) whose flatmate has gone missing. she goes up to a big hotel which looks like some haunted house and tries to find her only to get caught by some lunatic. She finds her friends there and she is attacked by a crazy person. We cut back to Tabitha who for some reason is in a cell and some woman tells her that her friends are there too. She tells her that she knows the three girls went to school together. So, the nutter comes out of his hiding place and he has the three girls. He kills the other two and Tabitha escapes after a fight with him. This movie was a bit of a mess in places. There was a lot going on and a lot not explained. I liked the fact that there were three different stories. It reminded me of The Twilight Zone etc. But, the actual movie and the characters were poor. I am giving this one a paltry 4/10.


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