Monday, August 31, 2009

Hallettsville Movie Review

This movie is directed by Andrew Pozza and it stars Gary Busey.

The movie begins in 1901 in the town of Halletsville, Texas. Some kids are killed in a schoolhouse by a psychopath. We cut to present day and a funeral. Tyler Jensen(Derek Lee Nixon) is mourning the death of his grandmother. He is remembering her as she was. His college friends are there and they meet outside and chat. So,Tyler's ex-girlfriend, April(Katie Fountain) shows up and tries to get back with him. Tyler decides to go and stay at his grandmother's house for the weekend. He remembers the house from when he was young as his cousin died there in an accident.

So, Tyler gets back with April and he asks his pals to come down to the house for the weekend too. The kids head down to the house but they are stopped on the way by the Sheriff of Halletsville, played by Gary Busey. He seems a bit odd and he warns them not to cause any trouble up at the house. They go on their way and arrive at the house. April thinks that she sees something, but there is nothing there. They find out that the house is strange. They talk about a legend about a psycho who killed kids in the 1900's. That night, one of the kids sees something and gets a scare. The next morning, Jonathan(Jesse Janzen) wants to go home as he doesn't like the house and all that is happening. Tyler agrees to drive him back but before he can, Jonathan sees something in the back of the car and he tries to drive the truck but crashes it after he swerves to avoid hitting an animal that mysteriously showed up in the road. He gets nabbed by something bad..

One by one, the others are dispatched until there are only a few left. They go to someones house and calls the Sheriff. The cops come out and take their statements. The kids find some book and it says that the killer, Adam, needs to kill people to survive and they figure out that Tyler is next on the list. So, Tyler shows the cops where the dead bodies are but the killer shows up and attacks the cops. Tyler gets caught by the killer and it prepares to kill him. April finds him and she begs the killer to stop, but he doesn't. The Sheriff shows up and he shoots the killer/devil thing. Tyler dies. The movie ends with April going home after it all. She was pregnant with Tyler's child and we move on to when the baby is born..The devil thing comes for her baby.....

This movie was not very good at all. I was not impressed with it. Gary Busey was the only person I knew but he could not save this movie. I found the ending to be silly and far-fetched and I really did not like this movie. It gets a low 3/10.


Hallettsville said...

this movie was good. Not a great wonderful movie but it was not bad. It is a horror so there is some blood involved but it is not that bad. I liked the storyline.

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