Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hells Kitchen Season 6 Episode 1 Recap

It's back!!!This time, there are a whole new crowd of 'chefs' and they are competing for the job of head chef at the Araxi restaurant in British Columbia in Canada. The cooks are greeted by Jean-Phillipe at the door of Hell's Kitchen and he shows them inside where they see flashbacks of last year's competitors. They are all cocky and they think that they are the best. That is going to change quickly!
I saw that there were some loose cannons straight away. Joseph seemed very intense and I knew that he was going to be difficult. Gordon was there to taste their signature dishes. Some were terrible and others not so bad. It will be interesting to see who is going to emerge as good chefs and who is never going to win. I think that Lovely(yes that is her name!) is never going to win..

Anyway, Chef Ramsay is tasting dishes when he asks Joseph to taste a Brussel sprout and Joseph makes a huge deal out of it. This guy has anger problems and I know that he ain't gonna last long with his attitude. Ramsay has former Hell's Kitchen winner Heather with him this time around. The men win the signature dish challenge and they get a nice dinner while the women have to clean the kitchen. They are all moaning about it etc. There is a Whoopi Goldberg lookalike called Tenille and I see her as being all mouth. She is loud and annoying and I don't like her much already! Then there is the spaced out Melinda. She looks as if she doesn't know where she is and it shows in the first service.

The first mistake comes from Tek who under cooks her scallops. Not a good start. Then, Jim can't seem to count and Chef Ramsay has to pull him into line. We see a former contestant of Hell's Kitchen- Robert. He is at the restaurant dining with his wife and Chef Ramsay gives him a big hello. Robert had to pull out last year as he had a heart problem. In the kitchen, Kevin and Jim pull together and they manage to send out their food. Kevin seems very strong to me. He seems focused and he is a good cook. Maybe he is one to watch...Louie is not, though. He messes up his lamb and Chef Ramsay is not impressed. Melinda is throwing food in the bin despite the fact that it was undercooked and could be put back on the pan! Ramsay catches her and she is given a tongue lashing!!
The funniest thing of all is when Lovely decides that she needs to go off and have a sit down and drink four bottles of water in the middle of service(Watch the clip above!) She tells nobody that she is going out for a breather and they wonder where she is!She is a bit lazy, I think. Amanda puts the salmon in the freezer instead of the fridge and Chef Ramsay freaks out. He finally loses patience with Louie(pictured above) and he kicks him out of Hell's Kitchen for good. He asks Robert to step in and take up where he left off last year. Anyway, the time comes for the girls to nominate two people for elimination and they choose Amanda and Melinda. Well, Melinda(pictured below) gets kicked off because she didn't know what she was doing...

So, that is it for episode 1 of the new season of Hell's Kitchen. I will be back with more soon..


Geof said...

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Anonymous said...

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