Friday, August 7, 2009

Hells Kitchen Season 6 Episode 2 Recap

I'm back with another thrilling episode of Hell's Kitchen. So, last week, we saw Louie given the boot and spacey Melinda flying off back to her planet...Robert rejoined the team and we also saw that none of them were great cooks at their first service. Will they be any better this week? Let's find out....

So, Robert was put on the gals team and they were happy as he has a lot of inside information from last year. He is thinking that he is some hero this time around. The guys are worried as Robert is seen as an asset to the team. Their challenge is to clean shrimp and they have to work quickly and clean lots of them to win. The girls do very well but the boys have an edge and they win the challenge. Tenille only cleaned one!!!She is disappointed in herself and she should be. Surely cleaning shrimp would be easy for a chef??? The girls are left cleaning shrimp and getting the pips out of lemons while the men head off with Chef Ramsay and have a nice dinner and go on a yacht. Everyone seems to realise that Joseph has some problems and is WAYYYY too intense!!!

The guys return and they get into service. Tony is having terrible problems cutting the grapefruit and he is reprimanded many times by Ramsay. Tenille and Van are chosen to cook the shrimp at the tables. Van does very well and he is pleasant and courteous to the customers. Tenille, on the other hand manages to serve raw scampi to a pregnant woman(a HUGE no no!!). Tony, meanwhile, is cooking scallops without any orders and he gets himself into more trouble. He is annoying everyone by now.In the gals kitchen, Lovely(!) is trying to cook with no gas on!! Robert is having problems too as he ruins his risotto. The fun begins as Van and Jean- Phillipe fall out and almost come to blows...Tenille is too slow and she has backed up all of the orders, causing mayhem for her team.

Andy is in the men's kitchen and he has ruined the chicken. He puts it back on the pan hoping that it will be okay, but he gets nabbed by Chef Ramsay. Sabrina gives Chef Ramsay raw chicken and he freaks out. Lovely is in the same boat as she gives him raw fish. Ramsay is so irritated by their poor performance that he tells them to make shrimp cocktail for the restaurant instead. The time comes for elimination and both teams select two people to go. The girls choose Tenille and Lovely for obvious reasons. Chef Ramsay asks Joseph who the two nominees are and everything just degenerates as he has some sort of meltdown and tries to attack the chef!!!You have to see this(Watch the clip above)!!!!I have included it on the clip so watch it and see the sparks fly!! So, will Joseph kill Chef Ramsay? Will he be carted away to a psychiatric facility? Wait and see when I review the next episode of Hell's Kitchen!!


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