Monday, August 10, 2009

Hells Kitchen Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

Last time we were in Hell's Kitchen, Chef Ramsay was trying to ask Joseph if he could tell him the nominees for elimination. Joseph started to act like some nut job and he began to be disrespectful to the chef so then we saw him try to start a fight with Ramsay which isn't too clever.
This week's episode begins where that little disagreement left off. Joseph tries to start a fight with the chef and it really gets heated. Of course, Joseph blows his chances of the dream job and he is thrown out of Hell's Kitchen(watch the clip above). All I can say is that he was really too intense and that he should have thought about things before flying off the handle. Why did he bother going for the show if he was that much of a hothead? What a waste. Everyone else is talking about it for obvious reasons and they are all in shock. The show must go on, though and the two nominees are Tony and Andy. The Chef chooses to send Tony home.
Robert is shipped back to the men's team and they are happy to have him. The cooks are awoken shortly after they got into bed and told to go downstairs. There are sirens going off and they go outside to find the fire brigade outside. But, there is no fire, they are there to be fed and the cooks have to cook them a fine dinner. They all set to work and they are competing against each other to feed them first. The girls get frustrated with Lovely who is told by Chef Ramsay that she is not Lovely anymore, but irritating!!The guys have Andy messing up the garlic bread and he annoys everyone including Chef Ramsay.

Everyone gets served eventually and the girls win the challenge. The girls are treated to a day at a spa and the guys have to clean and polish the firefighters trucks and the dorm as well. Dave hurts his wrist as he is cleaning the truck but he doesn't want to say anything about it to the others. Kevin hurts his ankle as he is going up the steps into Hell's Kitchen and a medic is called to look at it. They both have to go to the hospital. The other guys are worried now as they think that they will be down two men. They both come back and decide to carry on regardless. Dave and Lovely are recruited to be waiters and they are both out of the kitchen. Tenille messes up again with her scallops and the chef isn't impressed. Robert also messes up. Lovely is her usual lazy self and she is taking her time with the orders. The end of the night comes and they complete their service. The girls lose and they have to choose two girls to go. Ariel is the one who has to choose them and she chooses Lovely for obvious reasons and Tenille. Nobody goes tonight as Joseph was kicked out so they are all safe for another week....I will be back with another installment of Hell's Kitchen soon.


Eve White said...

I could not believe Joseph. I thought he looked a little crazy from the beginning.

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