Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hells Kitchen Season 6, Episode 4 Recap

The last time we were in Hell's Kitchen, Tony and Joseph got the boot. So, we were left with Dave with his wrist hurt and Kevin with his ankle hurt.Would the men's team be able to manage with two men at half-strength?

So, this week we see Lovely talking about Chef Ramsay and telling us that he likes her and that he wants her to do well and that is why he didn't kick her off...She has a high opinion of herself and she hasn't a chance in hell of winning it!The men are bitching about Andy. They all think that he should have gone home already as he is dragging the team down. The next morning, the cooks are told that they are not good team players which is true and Chef Ramsay pairs them off to get them used to working together. Of course, there are people who don't like other people etc.. They have to make a certain amount of sausages and it is boys against girls. So, they work together and most of the teams get along fine, even though they don't like each other. One pair doesn't produce any sausages and that is Robert and Jim. The girls win the task and the men are really annoyed. The girls are treated to a beer tasting festival and the guys have to clean the dorms.

Things get heated between the men and Robert and Kevin get in a shouting match. Robert is annoyed because they lost and everyone tells him to calm down(Watch the Clip Above). He keeps it up when they are cleaning outside and he starts kicking stuff around. Dave hears from the doctor that he will have to get a plaster cast on his wrist and that it will be hard to move that arm at all. He has to think about whether he wants to be in Hell's Kitchen with it and he talks to Gordon. He decides to stay and work through the pain. I like Dave because he seems to work hard and he won't give up which is a good thing. The service begins and there are some 'celebs' at the restaurant which puts extra pressure on them. Jim and Ariel have to serve an appetiser before they can let any other food go out and Ariel does well, but Jim is behind. He is holding everything up. Tek messes up her pasta and it is too salty. Robert is doing well and he is pleased with himself but Lovely is messing up by not seasoning her food. She is a bit of a fool, I think.

Andy cooks his lamb wrong and Chef Ramsay is not impressed. Neither is Robert and he starts mouthing off. Chef Ramsay has to tell him to shut up. Lovely can't remember what she is cooking! Andy finally gets his lamb out and it is okay. Dave comes back from the hospital and helps out as best he can. The men finish their service first and they win the task. So, the girls have to choose someone for elimination. Tek and Lovely are both nominated to go home. Lovely gets kicked out and I am happy with that. She was lazy and she thought that she was way better than she really is. She actually looked surprised that she was going home...

Anyway, they are beginning to drop like flies now.. I will be back soon with the next installment of Hell's Kitchen..


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