Friday, August 14, 2009

Hells Kitchen Season 6, Episode 5 Recap

Well, it's that time again. Another week has passed since we were in Hell's Kitchen. Last week, Lovely was sent packing and not before time either. She was a lazy cow and she deserved to be kicked off.
This week, we are back to the usual challenge. They have to come with an appetiser and two entrees for a party that is taking place for an officer coming back from Iraq. His wife comes in and she tells them what he likes and what type of food they should be cooking for him. The guys team is led by Robert and the girls team is led by Suzanne. Suzanne bulldozes everyone out of the way and she does things her way and doesn't listen to her teammates when they try and suggest a few things that they could do. Robert, on the other hand works well with his team and they fare a lot better. They win the challenge and the girls are not happy with Suzanne, especially Tenille, who had all of her ideas shot down by Suzanne.
The guys are treated to a day out flying fighter planes and the girls have to get the place ready for the party along with Gordon's wife, Tana Ramsay who makes a special appearance. They are not happy and they are all moaning etc while the guys are having the time of their lives flying the fighter planes. The guys come back on a high and the girls are blowing up balloons and getting things ready. The guys are determined to do well tonight against the girls. They all see the officer turn up for his surprise party and Chef Ramsay tells them that he wants them to do their best this evening and not let him down.

So, service starts fine until the orders start flying in. Jim gets bombarded by orders for steak and he finds it very hard to keep up with all of the orders. He seems to be in is own little world as Chef Ramsay asks him something and he doesn't answer. The others step in to try and help him. Kevin takes charge and he helps Jim.Kevin seems very capable, but sometimes he annoys me when he tries to take over everything, but I guess he is a good cook. On the girls team, Tek has a total meltdown and she can't cope. She just lets everything fall apart on her station and the whole team collapses. Amanda serves up raw lobster and she disappoints Chef Ramsay too. But Tek just lets it all go and the guys team have to step in to help the girls get their food out. The girls are very disappointed in their performance and in Tek.
So when they lose, there are no surprises. There are also no surprises who goes up for elimination. Tek is chosen but Tenille is chosen too, much to her disgust. She feels hard done by and she voices her concerns. Chef Ramsay sends her back into line and he calls out Amanda. She starts crying which is silly and he almost sends her packing, but he considers Tek to be the weakest link and she is sent home. She really couldn't handle it anymore and it was a good decision... I will be back next week with more cooking and bitching from Hell's Kitchen!


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