Friday, August 21, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 6 , Episode 6 Recap

So, we are back in Hell's Kitchen for another week. Last week, Tek was kicked off after a really bad service. The women crumbled last week so let's hope they have their act together this week.

This episode begins with Tenille who is angry that she was chosen for elimination last week. She doesn't want to go home and she is annoyed that the others ganged up on her and chose her.
Chef Ramsay has to talk to Amanda and tell her that she should make more of an effort and try and bounce back. She tells him that she will, but that remains to be seen. So, the first challenge is to make a low fat meal under 700 calories. There are two nutritionists there to supervise. So, the guys and the girls set to make their meals, but the women win hands down. The men have to go shopping for ingredients on some bike thingy and then they have the prep the women's and the men's kitchens. Robert has a bad turn after the cycle and he has to go to hospital.

Chef Ramsay tells the cooks that Robert won't be back for service as he is in the hospital. The others are worried. The guys are worried because they are down one guy. Service begins and the ladies know that they have to do better than last week. They seem to be on top and the guys seem to be in trouble. Jim is serving up bad food and Chef Ramsay thinks that he just doesn't care. Jim is too easy-going and he seems too chilled out in the kitchen. Next, Tenille gets shouted at when she cooks too much spinach and she gets into a shouting match with Chef Ramsay. He tells her to get out of the kitchen and they have a confrontation outside. He can't get a word in edge ways with her, but they manage to resolve it. In the ladies kitchen, Sabrina is sending out raw pork which is a huge mistake. Then she sends out under-cooked lamb. She is a bit thick, I think. All talk and no substance.

Andy really messes up his fish and Chef Ramsay is disgusted. Both teams have to shut down the kitchen and nobody wins. They each have to choose one person to go home and the girls choose Sabrina and the guys choose Andy. Chef Ramsay doesn't agree with their choices and he chooses Jim to go home. He thinks that Jim has no passion and that he was just like a robot in the kitchen..I can agree with that...So, that's it for another week....


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