Saturday, August 22, 2009

Midnight Movie Review

This film is directed by Jack Messitt and it stars nobody you would know. It is the kind of movie that you would expect to be better than it really is.

The film begins with an old man who is in a mental institution. He is brought into a room and a movie is put on for him. We find out that the man is obsessed with this movie that he made in the 1970's. The man starts to tear at his own skin and there is blood all over the place. One of the doctors comes into the hospital to find the place covered in blood and dead bodies everywhere. We cut to 5 years later and the madman who is called Radford(Arthur Roberts) is on the loose. His movie, The Dark Beneath, is being shown for the first time in years and there is a cop called Barrons(Jon Briddell) is at the cinema waiting for Radford to show up. The doctor, Dr.Wayne(Micahel Swan) is there too. There are a group of kids at the movie including Bridget(Rebekah Brandes) who is in charge of the cinema, but she decides to watch the horror movie with her boyfriend, Josh(Daniel Bonjour) and some pals. There is also a biker couple in the cinema.
The movie begins and it is about a guy and three girls who have a van. They are driving along when it breaks down in the middle of nowhere. The guy has to go and get help so he sees a house and he knocks on the door. A woman answers and she invites him in. There is some creepy guy in the basement sharpening a tool which is not to be used it the garden! The poor young guy happens to bump into the psycho killer and he gets to be the first to test out the new tool! Needless to say, he ends up dead. Meanwhile, in real life, one of the staff goes down to the basement of the movie theatre to get something and he runs into the killer who has somehow come out of the movie and he is larger than life and ready to kill some teens!!

The rest of the movie concentrates on the movie goers trying to escape from the killer who is just going around with his tool and sticking it into anyone who gets in his way! The movie switches between what is on the screen and real life and it gets a bit annoying after a while not to mention confusing. People begin to drop like flies and the killer seems to pop up around every corner. The cop meets his end and so does most of the others. They manage to rip the film off the reel, but the killer is still there. He captures Bridget and her brother Timmy. He seems to thrive on fear and when he sees that she doesn't fear him, he gets mad. They manage to escape the house which is in the movie and they run. Bridget throws Timmy through the screena nd he lands safely back in reality while she is left to face the killer..So, the cops turn up and they find the other cop's gun and they think he is to blame for it all. Timmy tries to tell them the truth, but they don't believe him...

This movie was okay, but it was nothing special. The switching between the movie and real life became irritating after a while and this movie was mediocre.I am giving it a meagre 5/10.


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