Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New York Ripper Movie Review

This cult movie was directed by Lucio Fulci who is a well known horror director who is famous for his movies The Beyond and The House by The Cemetery. This movie was edited because of some of the scenes of sex and violence. There is a very seedy atmosphere throughout this movie and it seems like a cross between soft porn and a horror movie.So, the action begins with a man walking his dog in New York City. His dog is fetching a stick and bringing it back to him except that the last time, the dog brings back a human female hand. We cut to a cop Fred Williams(Jack Hedley) who is investigating a case of a murdered young woman. He is asking the young lady's landlady and she tells Fred that she overheard a phone conversation between the young lady and a person with a strange duck-like voice. We cut to a young lady who is on her bicycle. She cycles onto the Staten Island Ferry and she begins talking to someone who has a strange duck-like voice. She ends up dead. Lieutenant Williams goes to the morgue and the coroner tells him that there are other similar deaths to hers and that they might have a serial killer on their hands.Fred goes to a university to talk to a Professor Davis who promises to work with him on the case to get a profile of the killer. Now the movie takes a bizarre turn with a woman, Jane(Alessandra Delli Colli) at a live sex show. She sees a man(Howard Ross) who is looking at her as she gets her recorder out to record the sounds of the couple having sex. He has two fingers missing. After the show, the female performer retires to her room where the lights have gone out. She feels that there is someone there with her and she is killed by the duck man... The Lieutenant gets a call from Daffy Duck and he tells the cop that he has killed again. So, then we cut to Jane and her husband who likes her night time activities..she gives him the tape of the live sex show. She goes to a bar and gets fondled by some punks.This lady has a serious problem!! We see a young woman called Fay(Almanta Keller) on the subway alone and the strange man with the missing fingers is looking at her. She gets nervous and tries to run away from him. She thinks that she has escaped him when she runs into the killer duck. He stabs her leg and she runs. She wakes up in the hospital. She sees her boyfriend coming in and she tells him that she had a nightmare in which he was the killer and that he killed her in her nightmare. He laughs it off and they talk. Fay tells the cops that the killer has to be the guy with two fingers missing as he was the only one around. The cops start to look for him. They don't know that at that moment, he is in a sleazy motel with Jane who wants him to have sex with her while she is tied out. Of course she realises her huge mistake when she hears on the radio that the cops are looking for him. She manages to untie herself and get away but she meets the killer and that is that.The cops find her and they find that the man is called Mickey Scellenda a Greek guy and they go through his apartment but all they find is porn mags. Davis goes to see Fay who is home from the hospital and ask her some more questions. He wonders if the killer is Mickey and he doubts it because the killer is clever and Mickey is not. When he leaves, she is alone and she is attacked by Scellenda but her boyfriend, Peter comes back in time. So the cops get another call from duck man and he tells them that he is going to dedicate a murder to Williams. He kills his gal pal, Kitty and plays it over the phone to him. The cops discover Scellenda's dead body and they realise that he is not their man at all. We see Fay visiting a young child in hospital. She has a rare bone disease and she is very sick. Davis is there with Williams and he puts the pieces together. The killer is Peter. He has been murdering people because of his anger about his daughter's illness. He targets women because he knows that his daughter will never be a woman and enjoy life. He tries to kill Fay but she injures him. He is finished off by a shot to head by Williams. The end scene has little Suzy calling her dad on the phone, but he is not going to answer....A strange movie, but not too bad. It is kinda seedy and like it was made cheaply, but it is still a good horror movie to see. I am going to give it a 6/10.


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