Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Walled In Movie Review

This movie is based on a book by Serge Brussolo. It stars Mischa Barton. It is directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner(?)...

The movie begins with a young girl trapped in between walls and cement pouring down on her as she is buried alive. Then there are paper clippings telling us that some person buried loads of people in walls for some reason in 1993 and that the architect had done it. He is supposed to be dead along with his victims. We cut to 15 years later and Sam(Barton) has graduated from college and she is working as an engineer . She has a strange job for a woman. She is a demolition expert and she is given a job by her dad at a remote hotel. The hotel is going to be demolished and she is there to supervise. She meets a couple of the tenants. One of them, Mary(Deborah Kara Unger) is in charge of the hotel. She lives with her son, Jimmy(Cameron Bright) who is a loner kid. Mary shows her around and she sees some of the other tenants who aren't too happy about being evicted.
She starts to hear noises from the walls in the place and she knows that this is the same hotel where those poor people were buried alive in the walls. Jimmy tells her that the architect still lives upstairs and he shows her his apartment. She is spooked by all these goings on. She discovers that Jimmy's dad was one of the victims in the walls. It becomes obvious that the young guy fancies her and he tries to make a move on her which she rejects. Her boyfriend, peter(Noam Jenkins) shows up to help her. He looks around the architects apartment with her and they discover a secret passageway in the floor. Sam goes down it and she discovers a secret room. She talks to Mary about it and Mary tells her about her husband etc. Peter thinks that Sam should leave and she agrees with him.
Before they go, Jimmy gives her a book that belonged to the architect and it shows that there is a huge open space in the middle of the hotel. She finds a huge hole in the middle of the hotel and Jimmy falls down it. Her boyfriend gets killed while they are trying to save him and Sam ends up down in the hole. The architect is down there too. He is being kept there by Mary and Jimmy. The film really gets silly from this point on as Jimmy keeps Sam down there and she talks to the architect. It is really bad...The ending is lame too.
Not a great movie. I didn't like it much at all. It started well and then it took a nosedive and bombed. It just wasn't very scary and it was more laughable than anything else. Mischa Barton spent the whole movie looking miserable and malnourished..Boring. I am giving this one a 3/10.


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